Exclusive: Evidence of Oppressive Israeli Policies Towards Palestinians


A friend of mine is visiting Ramallah and some other locations inside the Palestinian Authority today, and he just posted this horrifying evidence of Israeli oppression. Please be warned, the following image is not one for the faint of heart.

Sushi Ramallah
Sushi Restaurant – Caesar Hotel Ramallah (Photo – Guy Horowitz)

Thats right folks. Apparently the Palestinians are  being forced…. *GASP*…. TO EAT RAW FISH!!

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Having been brainwashed at a young age, Jono moved to Occupied Palestine 20+ years ago from Australia. After 15 years selling insipid Jew technology to immoral, BDS snubbing foreigners he decided the ultimate evil would be to sell the cancerous Zionist Regime as a product itself. He now works selling luxury private tours of the heinous Zionazi hellhole to infidel supporters of Apartheid, colonialism and Western Imperialism.