Danny Glover’s No Lover, Just A Hater

danny gloverActor Danny Glover is good friends with his Lethal Weapon co-star Mel Gibson.

And it is not difficult to imagine the two of them hanging out, shooting the breeze. Perhaps talking about women.

Or baseball.

Or those bloody Jews starting wars.

The man who played L.A.P.D. homicide detective sergeant Roger Murtaugh in all four “Lethal Weapon” films is starring in a different kind of sequel. But unlike Murtaugh and his famous “I’m too old for this sh**” catchphrase, Danny Glover is not too old for another call to boycott Israel.

Glover in 2009 signed on to a declaration condemning Israel as an “apartheid regime,” and dismissing the work of the Tel Aviv filmmakers featured in the Toronto International Film Festival as “Israeli propaganda.”

In 2014, Glover is at it again, joining others featured in “American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs” in a statement lamenting the documentary film’s screening at the Doc Aviv festival in Tel Aviv on May 13 and 15.

“We stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine, and support their call for cultural and academic boycott of Israel,” stated the signatories, who said they “immediately took action to have the film withdrawn from the festival,” to no avail. Which means Glover, at age 67, isn’t “too old” for the anti-Israel BDS movement.

I think Glover and Gibson are due for a sequel. But not to Lethal Weapon.

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4 thoughts on “Danny Glover’s No Lover, Just A Hater”

  1. Hard Little Machine

    In fact his hatred of Jews is SO strong that it outweighs his very public and very well known visceral hatred of all whites. That’s why he got along with Mel.

    1. he is a has been that need publicity! and to think jews in the 60s actually went down to mississippi to fight for these ingrates???sickening!!! he couldnt find Israel on a map if he tried, doesnt even know a speck of history, like, in 1948, they were given a 2 state solution, and who walked away? wasnt israel, this pig need to just be put away, anger is killing him!!

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