Media Fall For Cheap Palestinian Pope Photo-Op

Let the politicizing of the Pope visit to the Holy Land begin.

After it was revealed that the Palestinians would do everything they can to politicize his visit, they scored another one today due to the media’s gullibility for cheap photo-ops.

In any report about his visit from now on, you’ll be bound to see one of these images:


The Pope stopped and prayed in front of the security barrier, with “profound” graffiti lining it.

The PLO couldn’t have hoped for a better image.

This whole photo-op is obviously prearranged.

Here’s an image of the same place, a few ours earlier, with Palestinian Arabs spray painting some graffiti slogans:

spray3 spray1

When Israeli forces caught them, they chased them away.


It appears even though Israeli police erased the first graffiti with white paint, it was soon after spray painted again, just for the Pope.

This obvious cheap propaganda is made very clear with this tweet:

So there you have it, the PLO is in full pope mode, and the media swallowed it.

Update: Well look who joined the bandwagon. BBC’s disgraced former Middle-East correspondent Jon – I fell for Palestinian anti-Israel propaganda – Donnison, falling for Palestinian anti-Israel propaganda.


Judge Dan

Dan Smith has been exposing anti-Israel fallacies since the first time he opened the world wide web on Netscape Navigator, sometime in the late 90's. His lack of formal journalistic, political and sociological education means he is still capable of objective, unbiased views and opinions. A judge of media, pundits and media pundits.

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