The Consequences Of Mohammad Zoabi Speaking


Totally shocking:

3 members of a family in Nazareth were arrested on suspicion that they threatened to hurt their 17-year-old family member after he expressed solidarity with the three teenagers kidnapped in a movie spread via social networks

We believe this is the family of Mohammad Zoabi whose video message we posted (and which is proving so popular it’s hard for Israellycool’s servers to keep up).

We’re hoping and praying he stays safe: Arab society needs many more people like him not fewer.

Mohammad Zoabi’s Strong Message About The Kidnappings

UPDATE 10:57: Message from Mohammad:

Dear Friends,

Recently, I have been receiving a large amount of death and violence threats only for showing sympathy with the 3 innocent Israeli teens that were kidnapped in Judea and Samaria by terrorists.

Because of that I have decided meanwhile to keep a low profile.

I just felt that I have to inform you all that I’m OK, and I’ll be OK.

And I will continue to speak up for what is right, as long as I’m not hurting innocent people.

I’m safe and I will be safe, especially in a great country like Israel.

Am Yisrael Chai

Mohammad Zoabi

[Message repeated in Hebrew]


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