Where Are The Voices To Condemn This?

Our brothers by another mother continue to celebrate the terrorist kidnapping of our three teenagers: Eyal, Gilad and Naftali. Their latest manifestation of joy (following on from sweets, pictures, more pictures and the despoiling of our Temple Mount with hate) come in the form of some low budget dramatisation videos.

Actually this revolts me. I’m posting it even beyond the edge of my comfort zone but because it really needs to be understood. This stuff is vile, hatred has to be off the chart to spend time creating this and it is never, ever condemned by important Palestinian authorities.

A couple of years ago one fairly tame video about Mohammad was enough for the White House to claim that global riots and the murder of a diplomat and special forces were caused by understandable Muslim upset. And then they arrested the director of the video!

What reaction do us Jews have to this provocation? It was the mere thought that a video can be a cause for action that is so offensive. Once again the world expects the Palestinians to behave like bad kids and Jews to be hugely superior: just what I wrote about yesterday. That’s bigoted: hold the Palestinians to the same standard as Jews or you are a bigot.

If you find any credible condemnation of this in an Arab source (I’ll take it from anywhere) please post in the comments.

Arutz 7 has a written description:

The first video shows the three teenagers – portrayed by Arab actors – waiting for a ride while the team of kidnappers prepares to go into action. Two of the abductors are supposedly dressed as a hareidi father and son, with hats on their heads and long sidelocks.

The “father and son” pretend to fight over the father’s anger at the boy for failing to pray. The “son” falls to the ground and the “father” calls the three teenagers to help him. They offer to put the “boy” in the car, in order to evacuate him to get medical assistance.

As they start carrying the “boy,” a third member of the cell, armed with an assault rifle, emerges and abducts one of the teenagers. The other two terrorists spray an anesthetic in the faces of the two other teenagers and place them in the car’s trunk.

The second video shows the three “abductees” bound and blindfolded, with the abductors stading behind them, armed. They claim responsibility for the abduction in the name of the Abu Saker al-Halili Brigades and vow to treat them according to the rules of Islam.




7 thoughts on “Where Are The Voices To Condemn This?”

  1. It is interesting to note that even in this vile production, the ‘lure’ depicted was the Jewish boys’ altruistic motivation to come to the aid of someone in need. With any other group of boys in the world, the logical ‘bait’ would be money, alcohol, drugs or sex….. Similarly to Bilaam, even when they try to curse B’nai Yisrael, they end up praising us………. Mah Tovu Ohalecha Yaakov!

  2. I don’t see it as making fun of the abduction. The poor Arabs are scared shitless to take actual responsibility for the kidnapping, so instead they’re ‘fake’ taking responsibility with ‘fake’ kidnappers and ‘fake’ Jews. Do you really expect more? I mean, try to imagine the Israeli response if they would dare try to post that second clip with real Jews.

    As for the fact that they’re using midgets as Jews, I’ve seen it in other clips too. It says more about how much Arabs despise midgets than anything else. Imagine the (theoretical) outcry if they’d used Blacks instead.

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