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The Big and Lethal Lies – Coming at Us Faster than Ever

ISIS has just crucified eight Muslim men for not being “extreme” enough in their Islamic practice. They kept their bodies on display in a town square in Iraq for three days. The ninth crucified man survived.

Horrifying—yes? Equally horrifying are the mass beheadings and the football games ISIS has been playing with the human heads.

However, the leading western media are focusing mainly on the Palestinian Arab boy who was burned alive. Why such a focus?

Arab Muslims claim that Jews, Zionists, Israelis committed massacres during the War of Independence, (Deir Yassin, Lydda), when they have not done so.

The world media and world leaders instantly echo the false allegation and for complex reasons, recently explained by Carolyn Glick, many American Jewish leaders and left Israeli leaders quickly believe the worst of Israel. Makes their lives easier, not having to always defend a pariah nation rendered so via Blood Libels.

Yes, it is possible that two Jews snapped and actually committed a heinous, heartless murder. But we do not know that. I am waiting for proof. I will accept the truth although it runs counter to Jewish and Israeli culture. Also, please note: Israelis immediately condemned the kidnapping-murder of this Arab boy. Arabs celebrated the kidnapping-murder of three Israeli teenagers.

It is equally possible that the same Arab Muslims who cooked up the fake murder of Mohammed Al Dura and the fake massacre in Jenin and who are known to doctor footage and stage fake murders and fake wounding at Israeli hands, have just now Done It Again.

I personally feel unsafe in my own country. I know that there are places I could go and roads I could drive on last week that this week are too dangerous to consider. Case in point, Road 443 (one of only two roads that connect Tel Aviv and Jerusalem) has reports of rock throwing now.

That tram station you’ve seen in ruins? I would have driven past that and through that neighbourhood three weeks ago without a second thought.

We need to get this country back under control and fast. Oh and we had a few more rocket alerts in the south while I wrote this.

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