The Disgraceful Media Bias of ABC Australia

Hamas celebrates
Hey moron – Thats “V” for “Victory”, not a peace sign

In what must be one of the clearest examples of media bias yet, ABC Australia (the Australian Broadcast Commission – the Australian version of the BBC) begins its report about the cease fire with this stunning lie:

Euphoria in Gaza as Palestinians celebrate PEACE(!?!?!?!) after weeks and weeks of war.

Watch the video and hear this porky pie for yourself

BUZZZZZ, um, no Hayden Cooper, nice try and thank you for playing, but that is BULL to the CRAP! Those Palestinians are not celebrating PEACE, they are celebrating what they consider to be a GLORIOUS VICTORY over their Zionist enemy. Those 2 fingers are not a peace sign, they aren’t hippies in the ’60s. That sign is “V” for “Victory”.

And just in case its not clear to you, here are some more photos of your genocidal friends’ funny way of celebrating “Peace”

Peace Hamas 1

Peace Hamas 2

Peace Hamas 3

Peace Hamas 4

Peace Hamas 5

Also take note that although this “journalist” is reporting from Jerusalem, there is zero reference to what was going on in Israel. In fact while Gazans were dancing in the streets and their leaders were emerging from their bunkers after cowering there for the last 50 days, Israelis in the South were still making sure to be within safe distance from their bomb shelters. In other words: Gazans KNOW that when there is a ceasefire they have no fear of Israel breaking that commitment, but on the other side Israelis KNOW that a cease fire just means a hiatus until the Palestinians decide to start shooting again. Indeed in the last hours preceding the cease fire, 2 Israelis were murdered and 4 others injured in a mortar attack on a kibbutz.

But as far as ABC news is concerned, Israel and Israelis are obviously not the story. They’re too busy doting on the “Peaceful Palestinians”.

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