A Week Of Musical BDS Fails

Here in Israel we have a word that doesn’t really have a direct English translation, and today I’d like to teach it to the supporters of the BDS Movement.

???????? (Davka)

It means a number of things but in the case I bring you today it means, “just to spite you”.

Last week after a string of concert cancellations caused by Operation Protective Edge, a number of entertainers have announced concerts in Israel.

And not just casually slipping Israel into their tour schedule hoping no bigots would find out and flood their social media pages with antisemitic excrement, but announcing it DAVKA.


DAVKA Rock City

DAVKA Rock City

Singer/Bassist/Professional Tootsie Pop Eater Chaim Witz (Gene Simmons) stuck it to BDS when he announced that he was coming to ISRAEL with KISS DAVKA in capital letters on his Facebook page.

2. Lady Gaga



Singer/Portable Meat Locker Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga) announced on YouTube that she was excited to be coming to Israel DAVKA.

3. Backstreet Boys



Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys announced on YouTube that after unfortunately having to cancel their 3-show stop in Tel Aviv, they are coming after all.  Howie reaches out to DAVKA to the Israeli fans saying they will make up for the dates they missed.

4. Cruachan

DAVKA in a kilt

DAVKA in a kilt

This Irish Folk Metal band agreed to play DAVKA in Israel thanks to a 14-year old fan from Ashkelon who convinced them to come after the band was bombarded with BDS’s signature bullying and intimidation.

5) Beach Boys

Everybody's Gone DAVKA. DAVKA Israel.

Everybody’s Gone DAVKA. DAVKA Israel.

These boys (now in their 70’s) have announced that they will be playing in Israel on November 29, 2014 (DAVKA on the 67th anniversary of the UN Partition Plan).

So let us conclude that all those concert cancellations we saw in the last 2 months were genuinely for security concerns because now they are coming back DAVKA in a huge way. Even Neil Young has mentioned he really wanted to perform in Israel and will do his best to reschedule. He has made a donations to music centres in Israel in the meantime.

Start saving up your concert ticket money. This next year’s gonna get loud.



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