The Most Vile Antisemitism On The Internet

The Internet can be a very dark place. Where very dark people can post their very dark comments in the darkest parts of cyberspace. The other day I was browsing the internets when I saw people making comments such as these:

“Israelis don’t deserve human rights.” (because Israelis aren’t human)

“The TRUTH is the thieving murdering lying Zionist Jew’s (sic) have been crying “six million” of them were the victim of a holocaust in the early 1920’s long before Adolf Hitler came to power” (He found a similar number related to unrelated events. Conspiracy cracked wide open folks.)

“The JEWISH communist Genrick Yagoda ordered up to 60 million Christian Russians to their deaths. That is the real Holocaust of the twentieth century.” (And now Jews did Stalin.)

“Sixty six years ago the zionist Jews of israel started ethnic cleansing of palestine, and still continuing today, every day”  (By this guy’s math the Palestinian population should be minus 10,000,000 by now)

Dig further and you’ll find classic antisemitism of all kinds. From Elders of Ziyon references to Khazer crackpots and whatever they heard about the evil, feared hated messenger of the devil himself, The Jew.

So, you ask. Why are you even visiting sites that spew this kind of filth?

The answer is because this is the site I am visiting:

Haaretz logo

That’s right. Israeli newspaper, born right in Jerusalem one year prior to the beginning of the British Mandate created to spread “The News of the Land” has now, by its own doing, become a meeting ground for Holocaust deniers, Jew haters and Anti-Israel conspiracy whack-jobs the world over.

By simply posting links to a couple of historical pieces about the Holocaust with no political commentary, Haaretz’s English Facebook page has assembled for all to see a collection of the worst kind of filth of humankind. But it’s not the Haaretz piece that is antisemitic. It is about history. But the newspaper’s central reader base and possible target market know what to do.

Read for yourself if you have the stomach.  Part 1 and part 2.

In part 1, saved here in the off-off-off-off-chance Haaretz decides some comment are too antisemitic for their liking, of course has the classic comparisons of the Holocaust to Gaza, claiming the Holocaust “only” killed 250,000 Jews, theories on where Israelis really came from and claiming Israelis just bring up the Holocaust to “defend” what Israel is now “doing”.

Part 2 had a bit of a theme going in the comments:

haaretz comments

These were not hand-picked comments. This is an actual screenshot of what appeared in order. 7/10 comments feel it necessary to claim Gaza is like or worse than the Holocaust.

Readership in Israel is understandably low. So it’s clear the paper’s business model is:

– Phase 1: Be an Israeli newspaper.
– Phase 2: Be anti-Israel
– Phase 3: Profit.

This kind of material has 0 place in Israeli society. Haaretz, a once vibrant, informative, Zionist, newspaper has become nothing but a hotbed of anti-semitism inviting the worst Jew haters under the guise of “See? They’re Israeli and they are anti-Israel, so they MUST be right!”

They’re the Neturei Karta of journalism.


I'm a Canadian Israeli, Aliyah Class of '10. You may know me as tweeter @notantisemitic but here I'll tickle your Zionist bone in other ways.