Another Terror Attack In Jerusalem: One Dead, 14 Wounded (Updated)

Another terror attack in Jerusalem this morning, with yet another Arab driver ploughing into pedestrians with his vehicle barely 2 weeks after the last similar attack.

A car slammed into pedestrians in Jerusalem on Wednesday in what authorities are calling a vehicular terror attack. One person died of injuries and 14 others were hurt, three of them seriously.

The attack occurred in two separate locations in the capital.

Two of those seriously wounded were rushed to Hadassah University Medical Center at Ein Karem. A few of the other injured were treated at the scene.

The driver rammed his vehicle into crowds at two separate locations near the light rail track in Jerusalem. Immediately after hitting eight pedestrians, security forces nearby shot and killed the driver.

Police said that the driver of a van swerved his vehicle into the light rail station on the corner of Bar-Lev and Shimon Hatzadik Streets. He then continued toward Moshe Zaks Street nearby, where he ran into more people.

After crashing the car, the driver emerged from the vehicle with a metal crowbar and began to attack people nearby. A police and Border Police force subsequently shot and killed the assailant.

The driver has been identified as Ibrahim al-Akri, an Islamic Jihad member from Shuafat, East Jerusalem.

No doubt, his parents will claim it was an accident.

Islamic Jihad member? Naa, he just loves their uniforms. 

Using a crowbar? He was just defending himself against the hordes of angry people.

This phenomenon of vehicular terror is extremely worrying because you can’t really stop it. We can’t ban our Arab population from using cars, because Apartheid.

Update: Some of the current headlines:

The Telegraph goes for the scare quotes:

telegraph headline

As does The Independent:

independent headline

It must be catchy:

rt headline

The AFP do not seem to have learned their lesson from the last time this happened, going AP on us with the inverted headline in which Israel is the aggressor.

afp headline

Speaking of the AP, their headline is not as problematic as is the accompanying photo.

ap headline

And the BBC is..well, being the BBC:

bbc headline

It also bears mentioning this attack was NOT in East Jerusalem.

Update: Footage of the attack.

Update: A photo of the terrorist.


Update: Close-up footage of the attack (not for the faint of heart)

Update: Via Israellycool’s resident map expert Judge Dan

Again, not East Jerusalem.

Update: Here’s the Facebook account of the terrorist, along with some posts showing his pro-terror, antisemitic views.


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