It’s Not About Land, It Never Was

It’s not about land. It never was.

It’s not about the Temple Mount or right wing fanatics inciting the masses.

We have said this all along, some of us.

We knew because of Tarpat, an acronym for a blood-stained year. 1929. Hebron and hatchets and babies without heads.

We knew because of al-Husseini, who in a speech on Radio Berlin said, “Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This finds grace in the eyes of God, history and religion.”

We knew because earlier we were Dhimmi under Muslims, forced to walk in the gutter, to wear bells so Muslims could hear us coming, to wear two different-colored shoes to make us ridiculous, to help them pick us out in a crowd.

We knew because of the Farhud. Two days of slaughter in Bagdhad. A harvest of dead Jews to honor the Jewish Pentecost. May, 1941.

We knew because my friend Rivkah’s son, Avraham David Moses was murdered while studying Torah. A teenager. Pure of heart and mind. Dedicated to one thing. Cut down by evil.

And now this. Four dead rabbis. Pools of blood. A man face down wrapped in a prayer shawl, the leather winding round and round the arm that now has no life left in it to do God’s will. Twenty-four orphans all on one street saying Kaddish.

It was never about land. It was never about the Temple Mount.

I will tell you what it is about. You might scoff. But I will still be right.

I’ll be right about the root cause of the conflict. The conflict that began between two brothers, Ishmael and Isaac. One cast out, a bad influence.

The other, Abraham’s heir.

Two nations spawned, sprung from one father, two mothers. One nation chosen. The other nation scorned, spurned, JEALOUS, evil.

The Jews persist. They, we, refuse to die out, no matter how many of us they kill. Six million they killed, and still we lived. Live.

Biblically. Epically.

It makes everyone mad. It makes President Obama mad. Those Jews. He can’t say it out loud. Not where anyone can hear it. But you know he thinks it.

Europe, who wishes we would just go away and not remind them of their most primitive blood lust that can only be satisfied by persecuting Jews.

The Christians who resent us for not accepting the trinity. The Muslims who hate us for not being Muslim. The Temple Mount which refuses to stretch the truth to include a revisionist history in which Jesus did not drive out moneychangers and usurers from Al Aqsa. A Temple twice destroyed. Artifacts ignored.

Jews must not move their lips, must not live. Must not pray. Must not wear visible signs that the Nation of Israel lives. That they, the Jews, live, though Pharaoh is no more, Mohammed is no more, Jesus is no more.

The ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Philistines, Romans, all gone. All DEAD. They didn’t crush us. We remain here, Chosen. A light they would extinguish.

Except they fail. We are not easily eradicated.

They hate us. We who are the startup nation. The Nobel Prize nation.

There is evil both within and without. Intermarriage, court Jews, Jew-hating Jews, Democrats who care more about health care than Israel. The J Street pretense that the underdog is an Arab, the overlord the Jew. That the Arab murder of four rabbis in Har Nof is equivalent to Arabs killed while killing Jews.

None of this will destroy us.

None of it can.

It’s just the way it is.

Yesterday, the children of Gush Etzion formed a human chain. We will not be cowed. We will not let them tell us that here in this place Jews cannot walk, cannot live, cannot build homes.

We will not let them drown out the truth with their idiotic notions: Peace with Arafat. Peace in which Jews are forbidden entry to this village or that within the land God gave them. Two states on Jewish land will not please God. Two states is a euphemism. A solution that is The Final Solution.

The solution that will solve The Jewish Problem which is the Jews’ refusal to die out like any other normal people. The insistence on remaining a living part of humanity on God’s green earth. The Jewish refusal to roll over into the sea.

But even if we agreed, were forced to jump off a cliff into raging waters, would it matter? Did God not split the sea that we might live?

It was never about land. There is plenty of land to go around. Masses of land. Twenty-two Arab states. Oil-rich, filthy rich, Muslim Arab land. Plenty of room for their brethren.

But only one tiny sliver of land that is ours.

It was never about moving our lips, about walking up a hill in Jerusalem, about human rights. It’s about the overarching desire to exterminate God’s Chosen People and the failure down through the ages by everyone to stamp us out. It’s about jealousy.

Four dead rabbis, Jews, fathers, husbands and scholars. Widows and orphans. Rivers of blood. Men who walk into a synagogue to slaughter the Jews.

It’s one way to get them, you see, get them while they’re praying.  Easy prey during prayer.

Jews are remarkably easy to kill.

But difficult to erase. To eradicate.

Who knows? Maybe they will succeed in driving us out of the land God gave us.

But they won’t be able to annihilate us.

No one can. No one has.

And no one ever will.



Varda Epstein

A third-generation-born Pittsburgher on her mother’s mother’s side, Varda moved to Israel 36 years ago and is a crazy political animal who spams people with right wing political articles on Facebook in between raising her 12 children and writing about education as the communications writer at Kars for Kids a Guidestar gold medal charity.

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