Guest Post (Orit Arfa): Hannukah Miracle: Facebook Reinstates Provocative, Satirical Pro-Israel Page

You may recall my Israellycool post about Facebook and YouTube banning my satirical video “Kill All the Jews” by the fake Palestinian girls band I created: “Gaza Girls.” It was an experiment in fake Palestinian activism, pointing out the genocidal intentions of the #FreePalestine movement.

The video was admittedly controversial among both Zionist Jews and anti-Israel Jews, but, ironically, it was the anti-Semites, anti-Zionists and jihadists who lobbied to have the video removed. I documented how they ganged up on Facebook to have the “Gaza Girls” Facebook page removed. I haven’t seen any BDSers campaign this hard against the authentic Arabic calls for Jewish genocide in Palestinian media and Muslim teachings. They didn’t like that I blew their cover as “human rights” activists. When my appeal via a “check-box” was rejected, I was banned from posting from Facebook for three days.

Nevertheless, this whole experience has taught me that often Facebook or YouTube do not necessarily make any objective appraisal of what constitutes hate on their sites. They simply respond to the numbers of people flagging unwanted content. This was most likely the case of the YouTube channel of MEMRI being knocked off and then reinstated on YouTube.

Not one to give up easily, I wrote Facebook customer service a snail mail letter to explain my position. About two months later, I received notice that my “Gaza Girls” page has been republished! This demonstrates the power of writing letters and not giving up in what you believe is right. Next time you notice authentic hate on Facebook, get your friends together to flag it. Through pressure, my friends and I eventually succeeded in removing the song by two Muslim Arabs calling for Muslims to run over Jews.


Here is the letter I wrote to Facebook:

While Facebook is all about connecting people, I can’t seem to connect to anyone at Facebook for a very important issue via FB.

I’m a journalist, writer, and satirist based in Israel. I created a page to satirize Palestinian propaganda called “Gaza Girls.” It revealed, through a creative (and admittedly provocative) video called “Kill All the Jews” the genocidal intent of the #FreePalestine cause.

I paid $20 to promote the video on FB, and it was approved. Then (and this is documented) a wave of anti-Israel activists and jihad sympathizers ganged up on FB, and my video and page were eventually removed. (After my automated appeal was rejected, I was banned from posting for three days).

This is not only bad customer service, but indiscriminate censorship. My video was within the realm of accepted speech because it actually PARODIED hate speech! I’m not sure if FB responded to the haters who flagged the video, or if FB didn’t approve of the content. I’d like to know, for I am deterred now from using FB to advertise my other projects.

I have documented this matter in the media. I’ve attached my Truth Revolt article for more details.

I kindly expect a response, preferably by e-mail. For safety reasons, I prefer not to disclose my address.

I have two requests:

  1. Please reinstate my “Gaza Girls” Facebook page.
  2. Please refund my $20 for the video boost that FB had approved and then shut down due to outside pressure.

I look forward to resolving this so that I could be a loyal FB customer, as I have been in the past.

Orit Arfa is a journalist, video artists, painter, and author of The Settler, a novel about modern Tel Aviv. Read more at


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