Video: The World Is With Palestine


This video is actually from July, but just came to my attention via the Shehab News Agency.

The video creators are a couple of teenagers who go by the name True Story ASA, and they seem to be rather popular.

They also are no fans of Israel, and enlisted people from different nationalities to declare their support for the palestinians.

I propose you play a drinking game when watching the video.

  • 1 shot when you spot the guy who took way too much LSD in his youth
  • 1 shot when you hear the guy ask “What did they ever do to you?” (and 1 shot for each answer you can give to that, which will make you end up looking like this)
  • 1 shot when you hear the guy say “Killing children is in the asses”
  • 1 shot when you spot an ironic procession of statements

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