Stop The Genocide In Paristine!


Divide Paris paris1575 Paristine two canton solutionThe needless bloodshed of last week’s events in Paris was deeply disturbing. A small group of 3 to 4 devout Muslims defending the honor of their peaceful faith, were brutally murdered at the hands French storm-troopers.

Hundreds of heavily armed gendarmerie commandeered the streets of Paris in a foreboding display of disproportionate force harking back to Europe’s darkest days 70 years ago.

As peace-loving Israelis we robustly protest this senseless violence which is a threat to world-order. We call for restraint on both sides. It is high-time that all Parisians learn to live peacefully with each other. Get on with it!

There is only one solution. Divide Paris into separate, mutually-recognized cantons. Two cantons for two peoples living side by side in mutual respect and peace – Apartheid.

Stop the genocide in Paristine!

– sent in by frequent commenter Itna Dahij

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