Abbas Bombing

On Sunday, I posted about Mahmoud Abbas’ presence at the Paris solidarity rally in honor of the terror attack victims and noted him smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Heads of state attend the solidarity march (Marche Republicaine) in the streets of Paris

Highly inappropriate, but then again, so was his very presence at the rally.

So incensed have I been that I stewed on it yesterday and came up with the idea to start an Abbas-bombing meme. The idea: placing smiling Abbas at the scene of various tragedies and atrocities.

9-11 Memorial  Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen smiles

Diana Funeral  Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen smiles

Syndey Lindt flowers Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen smiles

Snow White  Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen smiles

Ukraine plane crash  Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen smiles

Yad Vashem  Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen smiles

London 7-7  Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen smiles

Star Wars Tatooine Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen smiles

Lockerbie  Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen smiles 2







Feel free to add your contributions in the comments, and I can add them to the post.

Here is the Abbas cutout you can use:


If creating your own on your own blogs or social media pages, please link back to this post.

Thanks to Israellycool contributors Jo and Zionist Shark for the photoshopping.

58 thoughts on “Abbas Bombing”

      1. Dave, I have sharpened the edges considerably and matched the overexposed tone of the right leg to match the rest of the image.

        Deleted previous version of this post because it came out a bit wrong. The source here is on one of those instant share services, so if people copy it to other places so much the better.

    1. Usually, you can save as a PNG by right-clicking and choosing save as. I run a Mac so it already has the Preview app that does it for me. You can also change to B&W by selecting your color tool and setting the saturation slider all the way to the left.

      Hope this helps….Dov

      1. The PNG cutout was added to the main article after I asked, in fact. You’ll notice my series of contributions after the cutout image was inserted.

    1. Arrrggghh! Thanks to you and Dave, I now have the “Abbas Bombing” bug! Something to do when I’m not working on my sermons! 🙂 BTW….Here ole’ Moneybags Mazen admiring his handiwork – Tel Aviv, 2012

      Thanks for the touching up of the pic. I will use it from now on – Rabbi Dov

  1. Here is my first photobomb. Anyone can feel free to copy and use this anywhere.

    – although it is based on an image I don’t have any legitimate claim to, of course… memes, eh?


    1. I just realised the name of this picture is a double-pun.

      The planet is Mustafar, Mustafa is a common Arabic name. Mustafa is also one of the titles of Mohammad, meaning “The Chosen One”. And in the prequels, that’s Anakin’s prophesy thingie.

  2. I really can’t help myself.

    ABBAS’ FINAL FANTASY: Aerith, the very last of the original inhabitants of the Planet, dies in the Forgotten Capital, and enters the spiritual Promised Land

  3. I’m not a graphic designer, but I’m surprised that more people don’t realize that Abbas was involved with the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.

  4. He’s also the only one in the picture looking at the camera. I think the real story is not that he was smiling at an inappropriate time, but that he was there for the photo ops and was looking for cameras to smile at,

  5. Victor Brimmerte

    If our Free Press isn’t the enemy within, then explain why they commandeered “Palestinian” and turned it into a happy-sounding replacement for murderous Lebanese Muslims who wage endless warfare against Palestinian Jews, Palestinian Christians, and Palestinian Atheists.

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