Reader Post: Meet Egyptian Pro-Israel Peace Activist Ahmed Meligy

This is how we can hope for peace. This is how we can believe in peace. This is Ahmed Meligy. He is a Peace Activist in Egypt. He has been jailed. He has been tried. Called a traitor. But he continues fighting for peace. This is his voice. And it should be heard.

3 thoughts on “Reader Post: Meet Egyptian Pro-Israel Peace Activist Ahmed Meligy”

  1. Wow! That’s a brave man, standing up for what’s right in such a hostile climate. The world needs thousands more like him.

    I’d love to hear all about Ahmed’s trip to Israel when it happens!

  2. I have followed Nonie Darwish’s “Arabs For Israel” site… as well as any news where a Muslim advocates for Israel and takes a stance against Anti-Semitism. It is very heartening to know such people exist. However, there are so few of them. If there are more they must be afraid to speak out. I love mentioning “Arabs For Israel” to Islamists… its like garlic to a vampire.

  3. I thought we already had peace with Egypt. Signed by Anwar Sa’adat. So why is there need to put this man in jail?

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