Gaza Or Bust (Or Both)

Welcome to “Concentration Camp” Gaza, the world’s only “concentration camp” in which we are told occupants are starving, yet seem to have no trouble getting breast implants.

terrorist on rocket
“This reminds me. I really need to get that augmentation surgery soon”

Pregnancies significantly changed Safa Ahmad’s physical appearance, which began to affect her marriage and cause her psychological problems. About five months ago, Safa, a 28-year-old living in Gaza City, had breast implants in the hope they would help her feel better psychologically and improve things at home.

“My husband wanted to marry someone else because of the changes in my looks after I gave birth to three sons,” she told Al-Monitor. “But by coincidence, I heard about cosmetic surgeries in Gaza, and I suggested to my husband that I have one. He immediately agreed, so I got silicon breast implants, and they drastically changed my looks as well as my marital and family life. My husband then let go of the idea of marrying someone else.”

It’s not only women in Gaza getting cosmetic surgery. Men are also having it. Ahmad Hassan, 32, felt stuck in life after a number of girls rejected his proposals of marriage because wrinkles on his face made him look like a man in his 50s.

“I had cosmetic surgery to remove the wrinkles covering my face so I could have a normal life and find a girl who accepts me. Dozens of girls rejected me before I had the wrinkles removed,” he told Al-Monitor. “About two weeks after the operation, I was in a relationship.”

I wonder what Lauren Booth would have to say about this.

Read the whole thing. Even though the author takes the opportunity to blame Israel whenever he can, this is an own goal.

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