In Which Jen Psaki Randomly Doesn’t Say The J Word


H/T Leora Hyman

Jen Psaki may stutter and stumble as she plays cover the President’s oopsies, but she never utters the J word. Not once.

This is an incredible feat considering that she is addressing the topic of whether the shooting in the kosher deli in France targeted, um, JEWS.

She does however, come scarily close to calling the um, JEWS, a “NATION” but then manages an adroit 10 second stutter to transition to a different word (“na-th-th-th-th-the”) after which she then deftly skips past the word “KOSHER” (the na-th-th-th th-the grocery store”).

My transcript, in case, like me, you like to count the stutters:

Matt Lee: Yesterday uh, the President in his news conference raised some eyebrows by saying that the victims, of the, uh, shooting in Paris at the kosher deli were uh “random.” Um, your colleague at the White House apparently said something similar today. Um, doe. . . is that, really, I mean, does the Administration really believe that these peop-that the, the victims of this attack were, were not, uh singled out because they were of a particular faith?

Jen Psaki: Well as you know, I believe, if I remember the victims specifically there were, they were not all victims of one background or one nationality. So, I think what they mean by that is, I don’t know that they spoke to the targeting of the grocery store or that of the specific individuals who were impacted.

Matt Lee: Well. I mean, right, but when the Secretary went and paid respects to he was with a member of the Jewish community there.

Jen Psaki: Naturally, given that it’s the, the na-th-th-th th-the grocery store is one that uh,

Matt Lee: Well don’t you think that the target, maybe, even if all the victims, e-even if the victims came from different backgrounds, from different religions, different nationalities, was the target, the store itself was the target. Was it not? I mean. . .

Jen Psaki: But that’s different than the individuals being. I don’t have any more to really.

Matt Lee: All right, well, does the Administration believe this was an anti-Jewish, uh, uh attack on, an attack on the Jewish community in Paris?

Jen Psaki: I don’t think we’re going to speak on behalf of French authorities and what they believe was, uh, the situation at, at play here.

Matt Lee: Yeah, but if a guy goes into a, a, a, a, a kosher market and starts shooting it up, you know, he’s not looking for Buddhists is he?

Jen Psaki: Well again, Matt, I think it’s relevant that obviously the individuals in there who were shopping and working at the store. . .

Matt Lee: Who does one ex. . ., who does the Administration expect shops at a kosher, I mean I would like but you know, an attacker, going into a store that is clearly identified as being one of you know, as, as identified with one specific faith. I’m not sure I can, I understand how it is that you can’t say that this was a, that this is was, that this is not a targeted attack.

Jen  Psaki: I don’t have anything more on this for you Matt, this is a topic for the French government to address.

 Je Suis Bunch of folks in a deli



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