Free Speech In Denmark Has Consequences

Yesterday there were multiple non-random shootings in Denmark’s capital (Copenhagen) [Just making it clear for the leader of the free world].

First a gathering of people talking about freedom of speech was attacked with shots fired through the windows. One person died and three policemen were wounded. The famous cartoonist Lars Vilks was at that meeting and he, of course, once drew a picture of Mohammad that achieved notoriety when it was part of the famous “Danish Cartoons”. Lars Vilks is also the Secretary of State of Ladonia, a micro nation of which I am a citizen, perhaps this was an assassination attempt? Here’s a first person account from inside the cafe.

The second attack was on a “random” Synagogue. Reports are just coming in that the one fatality there was a “random” Jew. A Jew who died protecting other Jews because all over Europe, Jews must step up to watch over their communities because the feeling of Jew hatred is too much to ignore.

Meanwhile: here is some free speech from Germany just a few months ago. I doubt this chap is worried that he’ll be gunned down (at random). I’m a believer in free speech: I want to hear these people and believe we should be paying very close attention to what they say.

The issue we have is that this particular free speech will lead directly to (almost always) young, muslim men taking up arms against (what they see as) a sea of troubles and by opposing end the lives of Jews.

To speak or not to speak.

h/t to Tundra Tabloids for the link to the Spectator and lots more up to date postings there.

Update: as pointed out by a commenter the Danish Imam is speaking in Germany not Denmark. It’s indicative of speech across Europe and, thanks to the wonders of the Internet and the Schengen Agreement, both the speech and those who hear it can move freely.


Brian of London

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