Is BDSHole Jake Lynch Telling Porky-Pies?

With pressure mounting on BDSHole professor Jake Lynch to be sacked for his ostensibly antisemitic gesture of waving money in the face of a Jewish woman, he not only doesn’t think he did anything wrong; he thinks he should be praised for his restraint.

jake lynchSYDNEY University academic Jake Lynch is under renewed pressure over his support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel, with calls for his sacking following a BDS protest last week.

University vice-chancellor Michael Spence has launched an investigation into a fracas that broke out on Wednesday when students stormed a public meeting on campus and disrupted an address by former British army colonel Richard Kemp. When security guards tried to remove the protesters, Professor Lynch criticised the guards; he says he was then attacked by a woman.

While Professor Lynch has written a letter to Dr Spence asking him to discipline the security guards, Mr Kemp wrote to the vice-chancellor claiming that Professor Lynch and another pro-BDS academic “were both apparently leading and encouraging the protesters”.

“At one point I observed ­Associate Professor Lynch waving money in the face of a Jewish student, a clearly aggressive and insulting act that seemed to invoke the stereotype of the ‘greedy Jew’,” Mr Kemp wrote.

The Australasian Union of Jewish Students has called on Dr Spence to sack Professor Lynch.

“Waving money in the face of Jewish people screams of the classical anti-Semitic falsehood that Jews are obsessed with money,” AUJS national chairman Dean Sherr said.

Professor Lynch, who is the director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, said he held up the bank notes to warn a woman who he said kicked him in the groin that he would sue her if she didn’t desist. He denied the action was anti-Semitic.

He said he had shown ­“almost heroic restraint” against the woman, while the security guards had, he said, shown no ­interest in curbing her actions.

Given Lynch has been sued for racial discrimination in the past, you would think no matter what the circumstances, he would not be stupid enough to do something so ostensibly antisemitic. Unless, of course, he could not curb his anger and true feelings.

But I also have to raise a question mark regarding his claim that the woman ‘kicked him in the groin.” Here is what a previous report mentioned regarding the incident.

In a video viewed by The Saturday Telegraph, Dr Lynch can be seen arguing with the woman before she throws out her right arm at him.

It is kind of hard to kick someone in the groin with your arm. And if a groin-kick did occur, why is it not mentioned as being part of the footage?

According to this piece by The Australian’s Gerard Henderson (which you should read in its entirety):

On Thursday, I engaged in correspondence with Lynch and he provided me with some brief iPhone videos of the occasion, which he had filmed. The footage indicates that protesters physic­ally resisted attempts by security to remove them.

Lynch’s iPhone video indicates that a middle-aged woman threw water at some demonstrators. A still photo of the occasion shows Lynch thrusting a $5 note in the face of a person he called the “older lady”.

Lynch advised me that he did this to warn the woman in question that he “would have no option but to sue her for assault if she carried on — which would cost her a lot of money”.


In the event, Lynch’s legal threat was of no moment.

As Lynch conceded in his correspondence with me, he “emerged without injury” from the occasion.

Again, no evidence of the alleged groin kick – neither from the footage nor mentioned by Lynch himself. And the fact he emerged without injury would seem to reinforce this view.

This is all leads me to believe that Lynch is not being truthful.

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