Quora: How To Ask Questions That Further Your Agenda

Pallywood propagandists have found a new front for brainwashing people to their cause. It’s called “Quora.”

For those of you unfamiliar with this social network, Quora is a place where one can ask and answer questions. It’s set up so that users can meta-blog, that is to say, you can use it like a blog. You have a lot of the bells and whistles you’d find on WordPress or Blogspot and you can incorporate media in your responses. Responses can be “upvoted” or “downvoted” and anyone can comment on responses.

I opened an account in 2009, when Quora was still new. I thought I’d try it out and if I liked it, fine. If not, so no biggie. Nothing ventured nothing gained, right?

Back then, I mostly answered questions about food and babies and Pittsburgh. You can list your areas of expertise and then people can choose you to answer their questions. If you answer questions on a specific topic often enough, you become known as an expert on that topic.

At some point, Quora began sending me digests via email. I’d scan the contents and delete. But one day, something caught my eye in a digest, a question about Israel that was obviously written to assert an anti-Israel agenda.

Now I see stuff like that and it burns me up. I have to answer.

And so I did.


Do Israelis and Palestinians both eat hummus? IS THE POPE CATHOLIC?

Eventually, Quora came to see me as an “expert” on Israel and on “Palestine” which meant that I am now listed as someone who can answer questions on these topics. But really, sometimes the questions are so ridiculous I can’t treat them seriously, as was the case with this question: Do Israelis and Palestinians both eat hummus?

I mean, COME. ON. That one is so transparent it can’t possibly be anything but a pretext for asserting that:

A) Israelis and “Palestinians”are both human and therefore we should make peace with each other
B) Israelis stole “Palestinian” food culture
C) They are “Palestinians,” not “Arabs”

“A” would be the pretext of leftist Jews. “B” would be the pretext of those who are anti-Israel. “C” would be those seeking to delegitimize Jewish claims of indigineity to Israel through the use of misleading words and phrases.

I feel it’s important to answer these questions so as not to let the lies dangle there in this very public forum where sheeple who do not know better will just swallow the false assertions whole. So I answer them as best I can. Now this is something anyone can do. Which is the reason I’m writing about it here; to tell you that if you have a knack for confronting these &^*@#%$, please open a Quora account and get cracking.

Quora Question Sweden Palestine Recognition

To that end, I’ve decided that I will share here on Israellycool, the Quora questions I answer, by way of illustrating how you can actively help Israel through this particular social network. If you’ve got an internet connection and access to Google, you can do this just as well as anyone else. Not sure of the facts? Look it up. Find the facts and use them in your fact-based responses to their lies. By way of example, here’s a question from last night:

Q: Why are so many Israeli nationalists opposed to Sweden’s recognition of Palestine?

My answer:

We wouldn’t have any objection if they’d build their state in the territories already given to them for this purpose, for instance Transjordan (77% of the original territory promised to the Jews for a Jewish National Home as per the Balfour Declaration and the San Remo Conference), Gaza (from which 8,500 Jews were expelled in order to gift the territory to the so-called Palestinians for their state), or in the Sinai (which Egyptian President Sisi recently offered to the so-called Palestinians for their state, an offer that was rejected out of hand).

Unfortunately, it isn’t about recognition of a state called Palestine. That isn’t what they want. What they want is for the Jews to be expelled from Israel and they want the territory for themselves, lock, stock, and barrel. They don’t acknowledge archaeological artifacts, history, and accounts in both the bible and the Quran suggesting Jewish indigeneity in the territory now called Israel. They don’t acknowledge a state called Israel. They don’t acknowledge any form of Jewish rights to the territory.

They say this frequently in their PA funded television fare and on television talk shows. Their clerics blare it in their mosques, and they prove it by refusing every offer Israel has ever made to settle the Arab war against the Jews. Even when Ehud Barak offered to cede parts of Jerusalem and to offer the Arabs full autonomy over the Temple Mount, the holiest Jewish site dating back to before Mohammed was a twinkle in his mother’s eyes, Yassir Arafat, negotiating for the Arabs, refused.

They want the whole thing. And until they get it, they will shoot rockets at Jews, run them over at bus stops, stab them in the streets of Jerusalem, damage the Jerusalem light rail system to the tune of millions of dollars, and cry foul when Israel defends itself.

It’s all a crock of propaganda, which many of us have taken to calling “Pallywood.”

Recognize them all you want. But then what are you going to do about recognizing Israel? What part are you going to let the Jews have? And what will your God say about it if you say the Jews have no right to the territory He gave them, both according to the bible AND the Quran?

Keep in mind also, that Israel is surrounded by 22 Arab states. Rich states, loaded with oil and wealth. Is there some reason they can’t take in their brethren?

That’s a rhetorical question. Because we know that Sisi did exactly that only a few short months ago, and the Arabs refused, because it’s not about statehood and never was. It’s about coveting what belongs to the Jews.

Furthermore, more Jews were expelled from Arab nations than the number of Arab refugees created by the war the Arabs inflicted on Israel in 1947. a full 860,000 Jews were thrown out of Arab nations and they were not allowed to take their savings with them.

The nascent state of Israel took them in. But there was no population exchange as is usual when there are conflicts over territory. The Arab states kept their refugee brethren refugees in perpetuity, to keep the lie alive, that they deserved their own state on Israeli territory.

This is why Israelis have a problem with Sweden recognizing “Palestine.” “Palestine” is a myth that takes away recognition of Jewish rights to the Jews’ indigenous lands. It’s a ploy to destroy the Jewish state. It’s a ploy to prevent the settlement of an old conflict THEY started and refuse to settle in a properly dignified manner, no matter how much land Israel cedes for the sake of peace. Because they don’t want this settled in any way that allows a Jewish presence to remain in Jewish territory. Because they don’t acknowledge that Jews are human beings who deserve respect.

Recognize them all you want, but recognize them on territory they already have. Otherwise, I’m afraid your antisemitism will be showing.

Thus far, a woman with a typically Arab surname is commenting on my response, trying to get the ball back into the anti-Israel/leftist/Arab corner. This happens. When it does, you just keep answering with facts and eventually they give up and go troll someone else.

That’s a win for our side.




Varda Epstein

A third-generation-born Pittsburgher on her mother’s mother’s side, Varda moved to Israel 36 years ago and is a crazy political animal who spams people with right wing political articles on Facebook in between raising her 12 children and writing about education as the communications writer at Kars for Kids a Guidestar gold medal charity.

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