Reader Post: A Shocking Headline – Israel Denies Entry To An Antisemite!


Blade NzmandeI always find it amusing at the kind of people that criticize Israel.  I truly do.  I mean, to be honest, as a child of the Star Wars generation, I’ve always dreamed of travelling to distant galaxies.  But these people who criticize Israel – are actually living in those distant galaxies already!

The other day, Israel denied an entry visa to a South African Higher Education government minister, Blade Nzmande – a member of the South African Communist party, to visit PA controlled territories. Now Comrade Blade is a fierce critic of Israel and a big supporter of the BDS movement, calling for a boycott of a large South African retailer, Woolworths, for selling Israeli goods, as well as calling Zionism a form of colonialism.  So gee, I wonder why Israel won’t let this anti-Semitic fool into the country.

Anyway, of course there was an ‘outrage’ by the South African government, as there usually is.  They reacted with ‘fury’, I read. Now I too, have felt these feelings of ‘fury’ and ‘outrage’, like when I bought a packet of chips at the supermarket, and it was like only half-full!  I mean, what the-!!!  Just make the packet smaller, don’t tease us with false advertising of MEGA SIZE packet portions!

And of course the South African Communist Party released a strong statement, saying no foreign government will decide for us what to think, say or do.  Um, well hate to break it to you sunshine, but the Israeli government decided EXACTLY what you would do – and that is to get stuffed, because the doors of the State of Israel will not be opening for you.

But as the South African government stood shocked and horrified and appalled and outraged, at the lack of respect shown to their minister, they should probably save some of that outrage for what’s happening in their own country where a wave of anti-foreigner violence has left at least six people dead.

So while the South African Communist Party harp on about the ‘racist, apartheid Israeli regime’, I think they maybe should try do some of their own harping on the xenophobia happening in some parts of South Africa where foreigners are being forced to flee for their own safety.

Because meanwhile, back in ‘racist, apartheid Israel’, Arabs sit on the high court, are in charge of the Israeli elections, are members of parliament, and have more freedoms than any other Arab people in the entire region.

Sounds shocking!

Maybe the minister for Higher Education, should perhaps… oh I don’t know… get some education in the first place?

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