Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK Founder, Asghar Bukhari is a marked man. As he was sleeping in his home, someone entered his home and did the unthinkable. This is his testimony:

Asghar Bukhari

And here he is defending his testimony on Twitter.

That’s right. This poor man’s shoe has been taken by the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, better known by its acronym… “Mossad”.

Aussie Dave gave us a journey into the mind of Bukhari back in January. Read it here so you know the type of looney tune we’re dealing with.

Here is my personal theory of what went down:

mossad gnomes

We also have exclusive video of the operation going down.

OK Twitter… you know what to do…


Here are the best of’s:

UPDATE by Mirabelle:

Jaw-dropping levels of insanity on display as Buhkari doubles down in 15-minute long YouTube rant, claims “all your games about trying to ridicule me ain’t gonna work.”


Read the rest here:


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