Reader Post: Why I support the Iran deal

Dear Israellycool readers,

You may remember me from a little while back when I wrote an exclusive expose for this blog – revealing a wide clandestine Mossad network that operated from under the bed’s of anti-Israel activists.

Since coming out as a Mossad agent and exposing Mossad’s secret operations, I’m glad to say that I have gone on to do bigger and better things. Firstly, I joined a humanitarian flotilla to Gaza with Bob Lovelace and Greta Berlin. We never made it to Gaza because our ship got hijacked by Zio-pirates and diverted to Ashdod. Greta had packed much needed supplies of aid (i.e. her own botox) for the women of Gaza but this was unfortunately confiscated by the Zionist entity and never reached the poor Gazan women.

After that adventure, I got numerous jobs working as a freelance writer for an array of organisations such as Mondoweiss, Jewish Voice for Peace and Jstreet. I’m currently working on an assignment for Jstreet, where my mission is to reach out to conservative pro-Israel readers such as yourselves and convince you to support the Iranian Nuclear deal.

As a Jew,  I believe it’s every American-Jew’s  patriotic duty to support this deal. If you don’t support the deal, then you have dual loyalties to Israel. You are serving AIPAC and a foreign government and do not have the best interest’s of America at heart. Barak Obama certainly has America’s best interests at heart – just look at Benghazi. Or look at how concerned he gets every time there is a terrorist atrocity against US marines or citizens on American soil…. concerned that no one should think to associate these acts of terrorism with Islam. Because it has nothing to do with Islam. The people carrying out these acts are not Muslim – they along with their imams and thousands of their fellow mosque congregants are all just isolated lone wolves. Perhaps they are also a little “troubled.”  But good Americans nonetheless.

What is really treacherous, however, is that certain Jews think they can express dissent toward this Iran deal… or worse lobby! There is nothing worse than Jews lobbying! Expressing dissent or an opinion in the US amounts to treason. And for congress to even contemplate opposing this deal? That would be just unconstitutional! As a Jew, I implore you to support this deal. There is nothing more patriotic than giving those who chant “Death to America”  and kill Amercians – the bomb. Let’s give Jews a good name. Tikkun olam anyone?


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