Muhammad Tamimi and the Case of the Ambidextrous Cast

Meet little Muhammad Tamimi. You may know him as broken-arm kid. He’s your average 12 year-old kid, who does what any 12 year old kid does.

muhammed tamimi

Here he is reading the worst issue of Betty and Veronica ever while resting his broken left arm.

Tamimi headlock

And here he is wrasslin’ with some pals, despite a broken left arm.

tamimi throw

Here he is working on his pitching arm for little league with a broken left arm.

wrong arm

And here he is in May 2014, sitting on a rock with his broken right arm.

Wait a second. Right arm?

Either this kid is the most accident-prone kid in town or that cast is just a Pallywood accessory. Just like his sister Ahed’s Tweety Bird shirt, I’m going with Pallywood accessory.

Either way, we should all be focusing on the abusiveness of parents who stand around filming their two kids attack armed military personnel week after week.  Where else is this behaviour rewarded?



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