Reader Post: Sometimes It’s Only One Side Doing The Tango

no left turnDaniel Borg is a Swede who was actively engaged in Swedish politics, passionately pro-Palestinian and went to join the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). You can read his explosive observations from within the ISM here on Israellycool.

There is nothing wrong with Left ideals, but there are some serious problems with Left-leaning people. Let me give one example. Some time ago I had a brief discussion with a Swedish political science graduate. She could not understand my total support for Israel. You are one-sided, she said. “It takes two to tango”, meaning that every conflict has two sides of the coin and no party is totally right. This is pretty typical left-thinking, a symptom of its moral relativism and pretention to be intellectual. But it is totally wrong.

What did the Jews do during the second world war to tango? Nothing, Nazi-Germany did the tango dance all by themselves and forced the Holocaust and World War upon the world, all by themselves. No coins here. This is the easiest example, because no sane person, not even an ardent leftist, should oppose this (but some most likely do, to appear intellectual).

Further example: What did the freshly established State of Israel do to tango when all neighbouring Arab countries attacked and tried to annihilate it in 1948? Someone? United Nations declared Israel a state, the “Palestinians” got an independent state for the first time in history. The Jews were dancing in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem while the Arabs counted the minutes to force a war upon Israel, annihilate it and make the modern State of Israel a little sidenotice in future history books. Where is the tango dance here, leftists?

And lastly a sad example of today. Right now we are experiencing the creation of the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria, meaning a totally one-sided approach from Radical Islam to force their Caliphate upon the world. What are the Arab Christians doing to tango in this “conflict”? The Yazidis? The Kurds? Secular Muslims? NOTHING! It is forced upon them by power-seeking extremists with nearly unlimited resources, just like in Nazi-Europe, just like in 1948 and just like in many other historic and modern “conflicts” .

The Leftists can take their Tango dance and shove it up their smug asses together with their “two-sided coins”.


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