Guest Post (Kasim Hafeez): Get Over The Victimology

Kasim Hafeez at Tulane UniversityKasim Hafeez is a British citizen of Pakistani Muslim heritage who grew up being exposed to radical Anti-Western, Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel ideas on a daily basis. During his teenage years Kasim embraced a radical Islamist ideology and became very active in the anti-Israel movement. Thankfully Alan Dershowitz’s book ‘The Case for Israel’ challenged Kasim’s fundamental beliefs and caused him to undertake a period of research and reflection that led to him Israel in 2007. Witnessing the true nature of the Jewish state changed Kasim’s perception of Israel. He felt a moral obligation to publically speak out for Israel and the dangers of radical Islam. He has spoken all over the world including the 2013 Global Forum on Combatting Anti-Semitism. Kasim has appeared on radio and television and print media.

I am so over this, I’m over the whining, I’m over the complaining and I’m over the victimology that runs rampant in the Muslim world but is personified by the Palestinian leaders and those who follow their hate and vitriol. Another Jewish couple murdered, children watch their parents murdered and are now orphans. Another child has lost a father, and now a teenager is stabbed. But I know lets reward extremism, lets reward embezzlement, lets reward incitement and terrorism, lets fly a modified Arab revolt flag at the UN (because that’s what it is).

But let’s blame Israel, how dare the Jewish people think they have a right to return to their historic homeland, a homeland which is mentioned in the Torah, Bible and Quran. Lets blame Israel for having checkpoints and a security barrier, Lord forbid we ask why??? Israel takes steps to prevent suicide terrorism, so does that make them think “okay maybe we should actually seek peace”? No, no of course not, lets whine about how awful the Jews are and find a new innovative way to kill them, lets fire rockets from Gaza, stabbing attacks and using vehicles. But will people and the media call them out? No, no.

I’m so sick of the hypocrisy, from groups claiming to be pro-Israel and Pro-Peace but don’t have the courage to call out Palestinian leaders for incitement and terror: no they’ll go and set up meetings with them. I’m sick of the Muslim world, a region with the highest rates of domestic abuse, religious intolerance, gender inequality and no democracy, yet we’ll preach to the world how YOU need to respect US, and that we are the victims. Yes I’m looking at Saudi princes and 40 Bentleys and think about the poor victims, but instead of helping the Muslims less fortunate than themselves, they’ll build mosques to foment extremism and arm terror groups….. but hey its all a Christian – Jewish conspiracy, its pathetic. But it’s the so called ‘liberals’, those morally bankrupt individuals who talk about women rights, liberty and freedom, but won’t dare say anything about the situation in the Muslim world, but will sit and preach to Israel, America, Canada well anyone as long as they’re not ‘ethnic’.

Then we have this ferret of a man, Bassem al-Tamimi speaking in the US, about how he’s an ‘activist’ against the ‘occupation’, you know him as the father of the blonde girl trying to provoke Israeli soldiers and lauded by the anti-Israel groups, little Ahed al-Tamimi (aka Shirley Temper), who because of the restraint of the IDF, has remained unharmed. Yet lets ask the Fogle family what restraint their children got, just sleeping in their beds, lets ask what restraint Chaya Zissel Braun, when her life ended at 3 months as terrorists rammed her stroller. A man who has his daughter confronting armed soldiers, while he films she be locked away for child abuse not invited to speak in the US by campuses and churches.

SO in summary, I’m sick of the Muslim worlds’ victimology, get over it! The Gulf states do NOTHING to actually help Muslims suffering from poverty and oppression, probably as they’re not Arabs, so the Gulf states don’t care. If you can not condemn terror against Israel, let’s be honest it’s because they’re Jews, the issue isn’t a lack of a Palestinian state it’s that theirs IS a Jewish Israel, then you have NO right to condemn Israel when it defends its citizens from terror. A world that said NO to Jews escaping from Nazi Germany, a world which watched Britain bar Jewish entry to the holy land, a world which did nothing as Jews we’re marched in to gas chambers, has no right today to tell Jews when they can defend themselves. To my friends in Israel, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, WE STAND WITH YOU. Oh to add I’ll be in Israel very soon to show my support and solidarity, WE ARE NOT AFRAID!


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