Forbes Under 30 Summit in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Forbes announced today a first Under 30 Summit EMEA, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, to take place in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It is to bring together 600 young entrepreneurs and game changers from across the world, 200 from Europe, 200 from the U.S. and 200 from Israel.

The summit will provide rich cultural immersion opportunities and a rare international networking environment for young entrepreneurs. The event will kick off the evening of April 3 with an opening reception in Tel Aviv, followed by a full day of programming and evening social activities on April 4. The summit will continue on April 5 in Jerusalem with programming, historical and archaeological tours, and a culturally immersive evening…

“Jerusalem is one of the strongest brands in the world with over 3,000 years of investment and today we are emerging as one of the top hubs for innovation and excellence,” said Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat. “As an entrepreneur, I deeply value the importance of bringing creative minds together and as Mayor of Jerusalem, I am honored to be hosting the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Jerusalem and look forward to welcoming the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs to our city.”

Knowing some of the under 30 year old start-up stars in the start-up Jerusalem scene, this should be one exciting event and time.

And one really big BDSfail.

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