Roger Waters Expresses Empathy And Pride For Palestinian Terrorists

The rock’n’roll BDSHole has posted this on his Facebook page, accompanying a vile propaganda video featuring Black activists like Danny Glover and Lauryn Hill.


The young and oppressed are being vilified as usual by the “Hasbara” propaganda machine. “They started it” is the shrill whine. Let me ask you this. Would you attack a heavily armed soldier with a slingshot or a kitchen knife? You might if you were desperate enough and had lived under the heel of the oppressors boot for sixty years.


I am proud of all those who protest the injustice of the occupation, I am proud of all those who resist occupation and oppression..

As for the Israelis butchered in the streets, Not. A. Single. Word. Of. Sympathy.

Roger Waters, why use an inflatable pig when you can just suspend yourself to the ceiling?

10 thoughts on “Roger Waters Expresses Empathy And Pride For Palestinian Terrorists”

    1. ahad_ha_amoratsim

      Of course not. And it’s not murder, either – it is justice!
      In Europe they called it patriotism, or defense of the Holy Church.
      The hate-filled murderers and their apologists always have a good reason why killing Jews is for the greater good.

    1. Those traits are not necessarily incompatible, but you are right: basically the watered down moron is a Jew-hating kunt.

  1. and as for the idiot blacks who stand in solidarity with arabs

    those are not only filthy jew haters, but they hate their african brothers….who are still kept as slaves in arab countries

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