Our Culture Has AIDS

We are destroying ourselves.

This disease isn’t new. Since the history of civilization, the disease waxed and waned. Its progression is cyclical and natural. Its result is always terminal.

The disease is a cultural AIDS.

AIDS is a disease that attacks immune cells, weakening the immune system so much that those inflicted become increasingly susceptible to opportunistic infections that end up killing them.

This is what happened to Rome. This is what is happening to us.

Civilizations rise and fall. They reach a peak before they get overtaken by zealous barbarians that plunge them into a dark age. The cycle then repeats when a new sophisticated civilization emerges.

Over time civilizations become less violent and more accommodating of differences. This is called advancement, our cultural superego becomes so inflated that we lose touch with the id within us. This is not necessarily a bad thing. We begin to unpack the ways in which we discriminate, and create an open culture where everyone’s voice matters.

This would be great if we were all shared this value system. We don’t though, and this is where the AIDS comes in.

Our culture is ingrained with an immune defence system against pathogens that want to infiltrate and take us down. We have patriotism and pride that are there to preserve our way of life, our cultural values of accommodation and equality that we hold so dear. Eventually, we reach a crossroads where the ethics of accommodation and universalism clash with our inborn need for self-preservation. As we evolve to become increasingly civilized and rational, rejecting our cultural id as backwards and unnecessary, our preservation instinct is abandoned. We become so accommodating that we lose touch with it and take our freedom for granted. Eventually, our cultural immune system, that preservation instinct, is so weakened that opportunistic pathogens begin to invade.

In Rome, the barbarians infiltrated Roman civilization. The Romans became so cultured that they forgot how to fight, or became so pacifist they never felt the need to fight back. They assumed their opponents thought like them and preferred negotiation to war, so they didn’t expect to be destroyed. The vandals sacked Rome, and a new era began. It took us a millennium to get us back to where Rome left off.

We are going the way of Rome. It’s a tough situation, because we know we need to fight fire with fire because no other method works. We also don’t want to stoop to their level, which is the moral and ethically right thing to feel.

The Islamists who infiltrate western culture and not only reject it but push their values on us and subvert our own, are the opportunistic infection, the zealous disease that is taking advantage of our weakened defenses, our political correctness and cultural relativism, our taboo against insulting other cultures and value systems, to gain hegemony over us and watch us fall. They are the barbarians, the vandals of the modern day.

Our overly-accommodating PC culture is the AIDS virus that is weakening our defenses and, if Europe is any preview of what’s to follow, a more advanced stage of the disease, we too will be named in the history books as yet another culture that rose and then fell because we refused to acknowledge our own weakness that we ourselves created.

Criticizing the faults in another culture and wanting your society to preserve your own is not racist.

And if you think I’m racist for saying all of the above, you are precisely part of the problem.




Lex is a trained comedy actor who is Montreal's second-favourite export aside from poutine.