WATCH: Hamburger Hummus!


Today, I was informed about a web series called Hamburger Hummus, which follows a group of clueless American bloggers in Israel.

Starring Angela Kinsey of The Office fame, as well as a bunch of other talented actors, it is hilarious. Risque, but hilarious.

As someone who lives in Israel and is familiar with blogging culture, I loved it. But more than that, I could tell that there was something behind this series beyond just getting laughs. And I was right.

The tongue-in-cheek series is the brainchild of the New Venture Fund, a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit, and ad agency SS+K. They created the show as a way to “foster broader awareness of the people and culture of Israel [and] … showcase the innovative and culturally diverse aspects of modern Israeli life that are less well known outside the country.”

I binge watched all 7 episodes – which sounds more impressive when you don’t realize they are all about 3 minutes long.

And you should too. Unless bad language and adult themes offend you.

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