France’s Hollande: Almost As Good As Churchill


I can’t believe I’m going to do this…. I can’t believe I’m going to favourably compare the President of France to Sir Winston Churchill. This happened a couple of days ago:

Hollande Rouhani lunch wine screen shot TheLocal

The Elysée Palace actually refused to submit and be good Dhimmis! Of course they didn’t quite have the power to compel the Iranian to attend.

Something just like this has happened before as recounted by Sir Winston Churchill himself. King Ibn Saud, who was to be a guest at Churchill’s table, requested no smoking or drinking. The only difference? complete surrender by the King. King Ibn Saud turned up and presumably sat and watched Churchill drink and smoke to his heart’s content.

I was the host and I said that if it was his religion that made him say such things, my religion prescribed as an absolute sacred ritual smoking cigars and drinking alcohol before, after and if need be during, all meals and the intervals between them. Complete surrender. 1945, 17 February, Lake Fayyum, Egypt (Gilbert, Life, 825)

Abdul Aziz ibn Saud (1876-1953). When told that the King could not allow drinking or smoking in his presence, WSC replied thusly. More seriously, Churchill asked the King’s assistance, “to promote a definite and lasting settlement between the jews and Arabs” in Palestine, through a Middle East Federation headed by Ibn Saud, in which Jewish Palestine would be an integral independent part.

h/t to P4z on twitter.

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