The Unbearable Hypocrisy Of Code Pinker Ariel Vegosen


Yesterday, I posted about Code Pinker Ariel Gold and her troubling Facebook posts. Today I turn my attention to the other Code Pinker failing at BDSholing while disrespecting Jews at the Western Wall: Ariel Vegosen.

I will say this: Vegosen (her real name as far as I can tell, and not adopted because she is vegan) seems smarter than Gold. I could not find any social media footprint.

And while I have not discovered any disturbing posts like I did with Gold, what I did discover was more shameless hypocrisy.

Vegosen describes herself as a lot of things.

Ariel Vegosen is a professional dialogue facilitator, Jewish environmental educator, ropes course instructor, community organizer, media wizard, organic therapist and adventure traveler. She has served as a group leader for Jewish Funds for Justice, American Jewish World Service, Teva Learning Center and Costa Rican Adventures for Jewish Teenagers. Currently she does PR for Dr. Bronner?s Magic Soaps, a Fair Trade and organic body care company. She is a graduate of the Sheva Fellowship, a Jewish experiential education program on 3,000 acres of desert, and is also a recipient of the Hillel Exemplar of Excellence Award. Ariel received her B.A. in journalism and education from the University of Maryland. She enjoys working in organic gardens, striving for peace, learning wilderness skills and using movement as a way to heal. When not organizing for social change, she can be found celebrating Shabbas, dancing, performing poetry, growing her own food, hiking and being a rock star at life!

Oh, you can add “Hebrew priestess” to that list, based on this article, which also contain this quote from her:

“Judaism has been a huge part of my life,” she says.

And nothing says that as much as disrespecting Jews at the Western Wall.

Here she is referred to as a “conflict resolution specialist” – before the following is mentioned:

Recently, at a demonstration against AIPAC in Washington DC, 5 protestors including Ariel Vegosen disrupted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s AIPAC conference speech.

Sounds like a real conflict resolution guru!

But there’s more hypocrisy. Vegosen has been part of a delegation to Iran, as part of the group Fellowship of Reconciliation. Here is how one such delegation has been described by the group.

FOR does not believe that threats and blackmail are appropriate tools of policy in dealing with those with whom we may disagree. Rather, the FOR believes in diplomacy and dialogue, in seeking the humanity in all people, especially those officially demonized and labeled enemies. It is precisely because Iran has been depicted as “evil,” and because there is still talk of invading Iran, that the Fellowship of Reconciliation believes such a peace mission to be vital.

So when it comes to Iran, Vegosen is all about “diplomacy and dialogue.” But on Israel, and it’s BDS (i.e. “threats and blackmail”) all the way!

There’s another aspect of her hypocrisy you may have already worked out.

Many blessed? More like many reasons why she would not last a second in Gaza.

Update: Thanks to commenter Jackie, we see she does have a Facebook profile. But no offensive posts, unless you count hairy armpits.

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