Code Pinker Ariel Gold Slips Up In Description Of Her Arrest

When she’a not disrespecting holy sites to Jews, or the memory of those murdered in the Holocaust, Code Pinker Ariel Gold is trying to obstruct the IDF at the Bil’in protests, along with her friends the Tamimis.

Yesterday, she complained about being arrested by the IDF.

Notice the brash dishonesty. After claiming she was arrested at a “nonviolent” demonstration, she then complains her life was endangered by the soldiers who held her up while rocks were “coming from afar.”

In other words, rocks being thrown by her fellow anti-Israel protesters at this so-called “non-violent” demonstration.

And clearly even Gold did not feel they were harmless, given her description of feeling her safety was being endangered.

Does she even realize how stupid she sounds as she contradicts herself?

Update: In her tweets, Gold repeats the claim she was being used as a “human shield” against the rocks (thrown by her buddies).

But as you can see from another photo taken at the scene, she was clearly being walked to the van.

And the rocks were nowhere near her.

According to Australian ISM volunteer Phoebe, who was also present at the scene, “there were just a few men throwing stones at the wall, far away from two jeeps, and far away from those they arrested..

Does this look like someone scared for their life?


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  1. Aussi Dave, I’m having trouble accessing the new posts on your site. I had to type “2015/11/14” in the address bar to see the latest. Tried clearing my cache and restarting my computer, but Israellycool seems to be stuck on the Nov 12th postings.

    Any suggestions?

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