WATCH: Ziggy Marley – No Matter What Anybody Says or Does I Will Continue To Support Israel


Ziggy Marley is already on record as being a fan of Israel and opponent of BDS (and his wife is Israeli). But his recent speech accepting the Shalom Peace Award from the Jewish National Fund (JNF) really shows the depth of his connection to Israel and support for us.

Video by Lana Melman, Hollywood Liaison for the JNF event.

“I’ve been connected to Israel from when I was a child. Through my father, my mother, we have a strong belief in the history. If you’ve heard of my father…you’ve heard of exodus….We are strongly connected to the history of Israel and feel a very spiritual and personal connection to that land and the people of that land. So this is an honor and a blessing and we will continue to have that connection no matter what anybody says or does and continue to support Israel.”

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