Operation Poke the Bear

Two days ago, a good friend of mine who is very active in the Zionist movement sent me an invitation to the following event:


If you look closely enough, you will see that it is hosted by Jewish Voices for Peace, a radical anti-Zionist organization that rallies against the state of Israel, constantly points out so-called “human rights violations,” thinking that Zionism is the cause of antisemitism because it pokes the bear in the Middle East. To them we should have just minded our own beeswax, stayed in America, and accepted being white and all the “white privilege” that comes with it instead of possibly daring to desire our own state. I told Joy and she was horrified, but determined to attend anyway so she could challenge them.

I explain why this is such a scary and widespread phenomenon in the diaspora Jewish communities here.

If such staunch Zionists like my friend Joy could be duped, who knows how many other Jews could be duped by this organization that claims to be doing good but is in fact our worst enemy, as they use their Jewishness to justify a wholly antisemitic movement and sabotage our return to our ancestral homeland, using lies to undermine our very claims of indigeneity, possibly in their quest to appear to be a “hero” to others.

The event was apparently the inaugural one for the new New York City chapter of Jewish Voices for Peace. It doesn’t take a genius to know that they are using the completely uncontroversial cause of combating Islamophobia to endear them to everyone, only to suck well-meaning Jews into an antizionist vortex as they get more involved in the organization whose name and projected image suggest they are a force of good, a beacon of truth amidst a giant Jewish conspiracy. Or something.

These were the existing comments:


I decided I couldn’t stay silent. For my Jewish brothers and sisters everywhere, I decided to lend my voice:

imageI wasn’t sure how it would end up. In the past, when I would debunk lies on SJP pages and events, I would immediately get banned. I was wondering what would happen in this case.

The results were surprising. Comments were entirely positive and supportive.




Not only did I get a tidal wave of likes and comments, my post was also shared about a dozen times and even inspired others to post as well:


It ended up getting quite a few likes. After two days, I felt it probably wasn’t going to be deleted so I forgot about it. I had over 72 likes when I last checked, but this is the last screenshot I took:

imageWhile Matt’s post is still there, when I checked yesterday morning, about 15 hours since I had checked it last, my post was gone, and I was banned from the event. I couldn’t even see it on JVP NYC’s Facebook page:

imageI guess refusing to allow themselves to be challenged, for fear of no longer fitting in with their good friends in the social justice crowd, seems to be a common theme for anti-Israel organizations.


Come at me, bro. Debate me. Challenge me – if you had a leg to stand on, you would. You are bound to lose. Does Israel have any problems? Yes, just like every other country. But to claim it is the only country in the world that doesn’t have a right to exist for reasons of “peace” is not only complete bullocks, but antisemitic. It’s the mentality that allows a barbaric, colonialist ideology to win, which is unacceptable. Israel is a beacon of good, of human rights, of inclusion, and of sensibility in the Middle East, and any attempt to wipe it out are the forces of darkness at play, forces that want the entire Western World to crumble along with this canary in the coal mine. I suggest you all pick up a reasonable history book, one that is not tainted by the falsehoods of Edward Said and his cronies who worked so hard to revise and deny history.

I’m sorry, JVP, that you feel that fitting in with the social justice movement is more important than defending the truth. However as long as I am around, you will not go unopposed. You have only proven to me that you are cowards living in la la land who can’t handle reality.


Your Worst Nightmare.



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