UCLA Medical Center Says Antisemitism Is A-Okay For Employees!



A couple days ago, I received a tip from a friend about the activities of a certain Lisa Marie Mendez who didn’t even bother to try to hide her antisemitism behind her virulently antizionist comments on the thread of a news article:

She continued:

“GTFOH with all your Zionist bullshit. Crazy ass fucking troglodyte albino monsters of cultural destruction. Fucking Jews. GTFOH with your whiny bullshit. Give the Palestinians back their land, go back to Poland or whatever freezer-state you’re from, and realize that faith does not constitute race”

Upon inspection, my informer found that she works at UCLA Center for Prehospital care:

I got my friend from Students Supporting Israel at UCLA on the case. She did some more digging and found this gem:

My friend decided to take matters into her own hands and post it on the SSI UCLA Page:


Eventually, someone ended up tagging Lisa herself, who decided to dig her hole a little deeper:




mendez3mendez repl

mendez2Needless to say, some people found her comments rather objectionable, so they decided to complain to her employer. Her employer responded with the following:


I wonder how the reaction would be if she had posted something Islamophobic? Or if she had been a member of the KKK? I know exactly what it would be.

The fact that this woman still has her job despite having been publicly disgraced is a testament to the banality of antisemitism in modern times. There is the First Amendment and there is Hate Speech, and this is definitely hate speech.

It also reflects an interesting trend of downplaying antisemitic hate crimes while railing against Islamophobia and anti-black racism and other forms of bigotry, even though antisemitism is the biggest problem by far:


It’s funny how those who claim to care so much about “Social Justice” conveniently ignore that. Is it about actually being anti-racist, or projecting an image of helping the most visibly persecuted? If Social Justice activists really cared about Social Justice Activism, they would stop condoning and spreading antisemitism first and foremost.



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