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Guest Post (Hillel Fuld): The Ultimate Israeli Palestinian FAQ

hillelHillel Fuld is the CMO of Zulastrategic advisor at various startups and startup incubators, startup mentor, and a tech blogger who contributes to sites such as The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Mashable,Gigaom, and others.

meme3That’s it. I’m going in.

Been thinking about this post for a long time. The same false blind claims keep coming up at the hands of liberals worldwide, leftists here in our very own timelines, and downright Jew haters who disguise themselves as Israel haters.

So let’s break it down. One by one. Step by step. And let’s challenge ourselves to keep our answers factual, not emotional, and as short and precise as possible.

Here we go.

“The Palestinians want a state. They deserve one. Give them their land “back” and there will be peace.”

You mean like Gaza? Not one Jew there. How did that work out?

“There are millions of Palestinians suffering from oppression. They have national aspirations.”

1947. Partition plan. A Jewish state alongside an Arab state. What happened next? Google it.

“This isn’t about antisemitism. Stop pulling that card. Israel stole land. That’s what this is about.”

Read the charter of Hamas, the group democratically elected by a majority of the Palestinians. Then come back to me. A nice snippet “The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him! This will not apply to the Gharqad, which is a Jewish tree (cited by Bukhari and Muslim.” Read it here.

“The Palestinians want peace, Israel doesn’t.”

Here. I’m Israeli. I agree that these people you call Palestinians have a right to exist. Our leaders agree. Find me one of their leaders that says Israel or Jews have a right to exist. Anywhere!”

“Israel targets innocent people in Gaza and kills thousands. For no reason.”

Read military experts’ opinion on that. Learn what really happened.

“You’re a racist. You hate Muslims.”

Muslims aren’t a race. And I don’t hate Muslims. I hate radical Islam. Watch and learn:

“Most Muslims want peace. Stop generalizing.”

That is 100% true. Only a minority, around 15%-25% are extremist. That’s approximately 180-300 million radicals. Id say that’s a problem. Would you? Learn facts.

“Israel is an apartheid state!”

Do you know who Nissren Kader is? Yea didn’t think so. A nice Arab woman who won an Israeli reality TV singing competition.

Dr. Aziz Darshwe? Director of Emergency Medicine Hadassah Ein Kerem. Arab Muslim.

Yusuf Mishleb? An IDF Major General. Druze.

Professor Ashraf Brik? Winner of Israel’s Outstanding Young Chemist award. Arab.

Jamal Zahalam? BA, MA, and PH.D. from Hebrew university. Three term member of Israel’s parliament. Leads an Arab party in the Knesset called Balad.

Mira Awad? Represented Israel in the Eurovision. Arab.

Salam Joubran? Israeli Supreme Court justice. Arab.

We totally stink at this apartheid thing, huh?”

Let’s end off with the typical lies and misinformation.

“You are occupying a country called Palestine and you stole land from a nation called Palestinians.”

Of course we are. Mind sending me the date this Arab country called Palestine was established? What was its national anthem? Its currency? Language? Mind sending me any documentation whatsoever of the term “Palestinian” prior to the arch terrorist Arafat coining it? Let me know if you’d like pictures of Palestine and stars of david on its hospitals or Jewish symbols including ancient coins in this region! Happy to send them over.

“Israel is stronger and causing bloodshed in the region.”

Aww that’s so sweet that you care so much about the poor Palestinians. Wait, I’ll be right back. Just going to look for your hundreds of tweets about the rest of the world. You know Syria, Saudi Arabia, ISIS, etc since ya know, the number of deaths in the Israeli Palestinian conflict are microscopic compared to those conflicts. Surely you are as vocal about those as you are about Israel. Oh wait, can’t find a word. Shocker!

“The media and the global community isn’t obsessed with Israel. It’s obsessed with human rights and the Palestinians don’t have them.”

Oh that’s cute. 12 million people in this region. The AP has 40 full time employees covering the conflict. That’s well more than the AP has covering the 1.3 billion people in china, more than the AP has covering all 50 countries in Africa, and more than the AP has in all the Arab countries in the Middle East. Learn more facts about the obsession and media bias against Israel here:

“So much bloodshed in that region. Israel has to stop.”

In 2013 for example, the entire death toll in this conflict was 42. 42 is the death toll every month in the city of Chicago. More people died violent deaths in three years in Syria than in the entire Jewish Arab conflict in the last century.” Again, learn facts

Ok, folks. It never ends but we need to know the facts and we need to speak the truth. Feel free to leave comments about other claims you’ve heard about Israel and how you’d respond. Even writing these claims got me too upset for 9:37 AM. I have to stop but I think we’ve covered most.

One more thing. Sometimes, visuals, pictures go a long way. Sometimes photos are much more effective than words. That’s why I made this magazine of pictures depicting the hypocrisy and bias from the global community toward Israel. Feel free to use anything I said here in this post or in the magazine to help spread the truth about Israel.

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