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Murder Most Horrid: Jewish Mother Stabbed To Death In Front Of Her Kids

A few hours ago, a palestinian stabbed to death 38-year-old Dafna Meir inside her home in Otniel, in front of at least one of her young children, before fleeing.

She was a nurse by profession and a foster parent to 2 children, in addition to her 4 biological children. In other words, a wonderful person who helped others – the diametrical opposite of the evil murderer who extinguished her life.

The kindness is apparent in her face from these photos of her released to the public

dafna (1)
Dafna Meir z”l
dafna meir
Dafna z”l and her husband

On social media, there is another photo doing the rounds. A photo of the blood-stained floor and murder weapon. If you see it, please resist the urge to spread it further. It is grossly insensitive to be subjecting people to that, especially Dafna’s family and friends. We all know what a bloody murder scene looks like. If you want to truly help, then rather spread the above photos of this kind soul, to remind the world of the evil that would remove her from it.

Evil that is apparent when you see some of the reactions to the barbaric murder.

May Dafna’s memory be a blessing, her children and family consoled, and her murderer obliterated from the face of the earth.

18 thoughts on “Murder Most Horrid: Jewish Mother Stabbed To Death In Front Of Her Kids”

  1. Palestinianism teaches that murdering unarmed Jewish women in their homes in front of their children makes you a moral giant. Just insist that Judea is really “Palestine,” rebrand yourself as a “Palestinian,” insist that Jews have no right to live in “Palestine,” and then get Ben White to handle your publicity.

  2. I feel so bad for this woman who was a care giver and so full of life to have been murdered so savagely, and then to see her pissed on by these dregs of history, these ugly and immoral scum twitterers.

  3. I applaud your decision not to show bloody pictures. But why did you have to publicize the vile justifications and lies of the haters? Those are a disgrace to her memory, too.

    1. Shining a light on the haters is what I do. If you do not appreciate that, I have no idea why you read this site!

      And I find the comparison between bloody pics and the haters’ comments as just bizarre.

      1. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to draw an equivalence.

        These disgusting words require an answer from our side. I hate to see them given a voice without counter-argument or comment. Unfortunately, many otherwise intelligent people are persuaded by these arguments — essentially, that the Jews of Judea and Samaria are bringing this upon themselves by living in a neighborhood where they don’t belong. Apparently, this includes readers of your blog.

    2. I think they’re just a disgrace to the haters, the anti-Semites, and their “humanitarian” supporters.

      Dafna’s legacy is her own.

    1. “Wouldn’t it be better if we move out from Hebron and some other places”

      In honor of Palestinian APARTHEID? NO.

      You recall moving out of Gaza correct?

    2. Terrorism existed before the settlements and before the State and unfortunately continues to exist outside of the Green Line, whether in Har Nof or in the Hyper Cacher Market. It’s not about politics or religion or geography. The Jews can move out of Hevron — again — and it won’t stop. When they say “From the River to the Sea…”, why don’t you believe they mean what they say?

        1. Your question is based on false assumptions, IMO: That ceding territory in the face of terrorism will make the average Israeli civilian safer and that the only people interested in holding on to the West Bank are the ultra-Orthodox. I’m not sure what you mean by “scarify”. I’m sure that as an Israeli you are familiar with the history and politics of the region which makes me think you’re not really seeking answers to your questions.

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