Israel Haters’ Latest Nasty Trick: Fake NY Times (Updated)

As readers of this blog are already aware, Israel haters and BDSHoles resort to nasty lies, libels and tactics in order to advance their agenda: the eventual destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.

True to form, a group of them today created a fake NY Times paper, and handed them out to commuters.

Via the Independent:

Anti-Israel campaigners distributed a fake edition of The New York Times to commuters on Tuesday morning, proclaiming that the US congress will debate its aid package with Israel and that Hillary Clinton has quit the presidential campaign.

Campaigners handed out the paper at venues across New York City including Grand Central station, Penn station, the Times Square subway station and outside corporate offices.

Under the banner: “All the News We Didn’t Print”, the publication included a story announcing that Democratic candidate Ms Clinton had given up the presidential bid and had been appointed Director of Human Rights for All Women Foundation, “a new nonprofit organization with headquarters in Ramallah, New York City, Nairobi and Charleston, S.C.”

A spokeswoman from The New York Times said in a statement: “We’re extremely protective of our brand and other intellectual property and object to this group (or any group’s) attempt to cloak their political views under the banner of The New York Times. We believe strongly that those advocating for political positions are best served by speaking openly, in their own voice.”

The Independent report includes the following photo of it:


Thanks to my friend Rachel in NY, who informed me of the fake paper (which was handed to her boss), we have these additional photos, which shows the extent of propaganda.

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It speaks volumes about these haters that they not only would resort to such tactics, but consider the true NY Times too pro Israel!

Update: Mondoweiss have covered this – claiming 10,000 copies of the fake paper were distributed – and provided the following info regarding who is behind it.


We got the following announcement this morning from the email address

Dear Valued Reader,

The New York Times has decided to make several changes in our editorial policy with regard to coverage of events in Israel-Palestine. These changes are an attempt to address both realities on the ground and the concerns readers have expressed about fairness in our reporting. We are proud to bring you more trustworthy and fact-based coverage.

We want to hear your thoughts. Explore our new Israel-Palestine supplement and tell us what you think. Write to us at or join the conversation on Twitter.

It leads to this fake NY Times website:

which is registered under a private name. The site also leads to a Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Given the slick website and 10,000 print copies of the paper, once can assume a lot of money went into this. The question is who is behind this, and who is funding it?


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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