MUST WATCH: Mohammad And Israel Cut From Tommy Robinson Interview On Al Jazeera (UPDATED)


Can you criticise Islam or Mohammad in Qatar? No.

Tommy Robinson, one of the organisers of Pegida UK, appeared on Al Jazeera this evening in a panel discussion. But this 3 minute clip includes the part Al Jazeera cut out. You’ll see why when you hear it. And all that follows a pretty pathetic trick the presenter tries to pull by switching the Koran for the Hebrew bible!

Update 16:45: The show has not been re-broadcast. It was scheduled for this morning but it didn’t go out. Israellycool has some major link love from Breitbart here but I just have to quote the answer they got from Al Jazeera on why this was cut.

An Al Jazeera spokesman told Breitbart London: “Inside Story is a pre-recorded programme, and on many occasions our editorial staff make decisions on what to include or omit based on what is editorially relevant and acceptable to broadcasting standards to the particular debate being aired in the episode in question.”

Update 16:00: Significantly improved audio and video thanks to a capture by UKRants Vids. The full Al Jazeera show can be found on his channel:

Update Jan 9, 2016: more viral coverage:

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