Antisemite Of The Day: Gazi Kodzo


It isn’t very often that I come across something so horrifyingly, unabashedly antisemitic that I immediately run to the nearest toilet and shed about 30 or 40 lbs, but that’s mainly because I don’t go out of my way to look for it, as I’ve always valued my sanity and my (deep, but hopelessly misguided) conviction that most people are of at least average intelligence, if not above average. So whenever I see something like this, I recoil. I start thinking to myself, “there’s NO WAY anybody could be this stupid”. But alas, when it comes to Jews, many people REALLY ARE that stupid.

(Language warning)

This notion is further entrenched by the comments section accompanying his rant, which is bursting with throngs of equally bigoted (or simply brain dead, if you want to be nice) people who share his profoundly ignorant views; a vexing reminder that there are hundreds, thousands, perhaps even millions of people worldwide who believe that we are the greatest cosmic evil known to man. It is, if anything, a disquieting testament to how deep this prejudice runs, and history has shown that when vast swathes of people believe insidious and patently ridiculous things about us, it usually doesn’t end well.

gazi kodzoWhen I was finished with his wretched screed, I Googled his name and found that he is a semi-popular Youtube and Facebook commentator on race issues. I won’t comment on his views pertaining to other minorities, because his rant about us was so repulsive that I couldn’t bear to read anything else by him. All I will say is that he completely misses the mark on Jews. And if that is any indication, he probably doesn’t have a whole lot to offer to begin with. Let me show you what I mean. The exceptionally egregious parts will be bolded.

[Apparently telling people the truth upsets white activist??
….😐 I’m sorry is telling the truth about history “antiemetic” ? The holocaust was white on white crime, it was an attack on white lives and that’s why y’all care so much.

That’s why Jews have hundreds of holocaust Museums in America (even though that shit didn’t happen here) you know what did happen here? African genocide and we don’t have ONE fucking museum for that. You know what did happen here Native American genocide and you can barely find a museum for that.

Oh and Hitler was a fucking Boy Scout compared to our genocidal monsters Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and etc! But they are held up as heroes with statues, dollar bills, holidays and museums! You wanna know why? Cause the people they killed were not WHITE!

Jews are white and their lives are treated as such and they are colonizers. They owned many slave ships and benefitted from slavery and benefit off of the land (Isreal) they are currently stealing from indigenous people ( Palestinians) .

You want to know why I call white Jews fake? Because they are currently killing the original black Jews (Ethiopians) who taught them everything about their religion! How can u be real when u killing the original? Anyways if u a white jew and wanna get on the right side of the question give reparations to all the indigenous people you have colonized and oppressed.

Also everyone should read about Shark Island and how white jews murdered millions of Africans just for “research”.

This is why someone can use my post about me being angry about the genocide of my people and not give a fuck about me or the millions of Africans that died. But turn their sympathy to white Jews…because no one gives a shit about African lives…but everyone was brainwashed in school to feel sympathy for white lives above all else.

I’m anti-colonizer and I guess if that colonizer happens to be semitic then bitch I guess I’m antiemetic! 💁🏿

p.s. Shout out to the Africans in the comment section standing up for the truth! Also next time u make a post about me…tag me bitch so I can drag yo fuck ass!]

Really, this type of rank antisemitism speaks for itself. From his bizarre allegation that we participated in black genocide (based on what evidence, exactly?), to his belief that Ashkenazim are “fake Jews” (someone obviously isn’t a big fan of science here; or history, for that matter), to his conviction that the Holocaust was a “white on white” genocide (I mean it’s not like the Nazis herded us into death factories because we were, you know, NOT WHITE!), to the well worn antisemitic trope that “white” Jews are “colonizers” in their historic homeland and that the “real Jews” were black, or Palestinian. And he cites the greater number of Holocaust museums in America than museums dedicated to the Native American genocide and black slavery as “proof positive” that we are “white”. Because, you know, it couldn’t have had ANYTHING to do with Jewish donors building these museums themselves for the sake of preserving the memory of what happened less than a century ago, nor the fact that the Holocaust was documented in the age of film and photographic evidence (whereas slavery and the genocide of Indians was documented centuries after it happened, and there are no survivors of these atrocities alive today). The Shoah has 30,000 living witnesses and more documentary evidence from the period. More narratives can be captured from living primary sources. All of these are essential to creating a museum. Also, I’m absolutely certain that these Ashkenazim would dispute the notion that they are “white” (there is a much larger gallery on my Facebook page, this one is only about 1/10 done).

But really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If this fellow proves anything, it’s that we still have a long way to go before anti-Jewish racism is a thing of the past.

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