WATCH: Guitar Hero, Take 2

Deebo blogged about Danny, who’s waiting and ready for terrorists. Because everybody wants that moment in the sun. Especially, those of us who live in the Wild, Wild West Bank (A/K/A Judea and Samaria).

Well, my kids are no exception to the rule.

So today, Filmmaker son Natan (A/K/A Uncensored) grabbed his lil brother Yitzchak, went out and created this great little short which is totally going to go viral. Well hey, I’m their mother. I have bragging rights.

You know what? I really am proud of them. Instead of cowering in fear from the constant violence that surrounds us, they went out and did something creative and funny and brilliant.

They showed the world that we are indeed, a stiff-necked people and for sure: A light unto the nations.

You go, boys. Seriously. #EpsteinsRock


Varda Epstein

A third-generation-born Pittsburgher on her mother’s mother’s side, Varda moved to Israel 36 years ago and is a crazy political animal who spams people with right wing political articles on Facebook in between raising her 12 children and writing about education as the communications writer at Kars for Kids a Guidestar gold medal charity.

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