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Aussie Dave posts about celebs in Israel on a regular basis.

After reviewing 1000 photos from the sixth International Jerusalem Marathon over the last few days, I thought I would share three of the fitness celebs who were in Israel for the races. I saw something unique they used, I thought it was MCT oil during the event, but I’m not 100 percent sure. And that drew my attention to those three celebrities.

The bloggers posted to their thousands of fans about their great time in Israel. Since it was a peaceful event, however, your local media might not have not covered the races, though hundreds of thousands of people were involved.

Italian Paula Butragueno‘s women’s health blog is read by thousands of fans.

View of Notre Dame, Paula Butragueno

She looked thrilled to be at Notre Dame in Jerusalem, Israel, in spite of the grey sky and rainy morning. Notre Dame has one of the best views of the Old City.

View of Old City from Notre Dame Jerusalem

From 1948-1967, this was as close as Jews could get. All synagogues were leveled by Jordanian soldiers and Jewish residents expelled. From Notre Dame, Jews could look over No Man’s Land to their former homes.

Rachele Brooke Smith’s post on Facebook was of her experience in Judaean Desert.

Dai Manuel has 56.4 K followers on Twitter. Dai is a great guy from Vancouver, BC. Having lived in Vancouver, I always love to talk about it and he seemed happy to chat.

His selfie with fellow bloggers and elite runners was one of my favorite photos.

Runners and bloggers from VibeIsrael at martahton

Dai Manuel posted a photo of the Tel Aviv beaches to his fitness fans.

One of his many positive impressions, was a photo at the Dead Sea.

London based writer and runner, Lisa Jackson, “Your Pace or Mine?” was back again. The first time she came to Israel, she said she was afraid. But now she loves it, and looks forward to keep coming back to visit.

Jerusalem marathon runners

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat poses with elite marathon runners using shoes from

Many of the elite runners also return to race again, now using supplements like those you can find at West Word which will help boosting performance. The day before the marathon, they posed with the mayor outside the walls of the Old City, near the Jaffa Gate.

I took an Israeli woman on a photo walk in the Old City that afternoon. She had not been to Jerusalem in over two years. She lied to her aunt and said she was going to Beer Sheva! Did I feel unsafe in the two and a half hours walking around? No. Not once that day.

Bloggers, runners, and writers seeing and sharing Israel. Seems we need help at home and abroad to spread the way athletes workout on different ways like using skierg or any other technique they choose and the real Israel.


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