WATCH: Got Five Bucks?

I did one of my first celebrity videos ever with Ari Lesser when he created his amazing Boycott Israel clip. It was clear to me the minute I played that clip that Ari was going places. He was brilliant with that click bait title, the photos, and of course, Ari himself–his words and music, his cool but folksy persona.

I got this idea that if I could interview him, it would make a great blog piece. And being that the Internet is so awesome, I was able to easily cadge his contact info. By that evening, we were on the phone, chatting like old buddyroos.

He was a NICE guy. Mamash.

Which is probably how he ended up doing a video clip to help out Oorah, the affiliate charity of Kars4Kids, where I work when I’m not blogging here in my spare time. Oorah has a big old auction every year and Ari did this clip to encourage people to buy tickets. (You should definitely check it out–awesome prizes and of course, the ticket money all goes to help people connect to their Jewish roots)

Since Ari and I did that first interview, and then this subsequent one on Apartheid Israel, he’s done and gotten himself married. They have a kid, too. I love watching him grow and develop into a guy who cares about Israel, his family, being Jewish, and doing charity (not necessarily in that order).

Daring to interview Ari Lesser was one of the smarter things I’ve done. Keep an eye on him. He’s gonna be big, I’m telling you. Really big.

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