Jean-Claude Van Damme More About Kabbalah Than The Cabal

A few days ago, I posted about the Muscles from Brussels, Jean-Claude Van Damme, visiting the Kotel in Jerusalem.

It turns out he posted a photo from Jerusalem – headlong into a controversy.

On Tuesday, during his five-day sojourn in the country, the legendary action star posed for a seemingly innocuous picture outside the Old City, which he captioned “Shalom from Jerusalem, Israel!” on his Facebook page.

That’s when the trouble started.

Within minutes, a torrent of angry postings flooded the page denouncing Israel and Van Damme for referring to its capital as Jerusalem.


While Van Damme appeared to give in to the pile-on by deleting the word Israel from the caption, he left the image posted with the words “Hello from Jerusalem!!” with the hashtags #TeamJCVD #JCVD #MEGAPOSITIVE.

Others were less charitable: The Times of Israel headlined the story Van Damme de-Israelizes Facebook post ,and Arutz 7 Van Damme prays at Kotel, loses Israel fight.

I believe actions speaks louder than words. Van Damme has made a movie in Israel, and visited the Kabbalah center while he was here.

The Belgian actor is thought to have headed to the International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah, in the Israeli city of Safed, in search of ‘spiritual advice’ following the Brussels attacks.

A series of photographs feature Van Damme, also known as the ‘Muscles from Brussels’, speaking with the centre director Rabbi Eyal Riess.

The Rabbi told an Israeli celebrity news site that he gave the star ‘guidance’ following the terror attacks.

‘Van Damme is Belgian-born,’ he told Walla! celebrity news site.

‘He told me that after the terror attacks last week in Brussels, the city where he was born and grew up, he was driven to seek spiritual guidance.

‘He told me that he understood that problems of a political, economic, social and environmental nature have their solutions in ancient spiritualism and the Bible.’

Van Damme spent long hours exploring the streets of the city, visiting the ancient Abuhav synagogue and studying the Torah and the Zohar during his five-day tour.

van damme safed1van damme safed2

He followed it up with a happy snap from what is unmistakably Tel Aviv beach.

So I am not fussed he deleted a word.

Meanwhile, just to show you how unhinged the antisemites are, they have claimed he went to the Kabbalah center with his tail between his legs.


van damme conspiracy

They are referring to this interview where my French-speaking source confirms he spoke about the Rothschilds among others. But it is clear this is no Jew hater.

Think about it for a second. The Jew haters are making out like he had the courage to ‘expose the illuminati” – but somehow was such a coward, that a Rabbi called him in to explain himself, and he came running.

Then again, logic was never their strong suit.

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  1. Honestly, sometimes we, Jews, just argue for the sake of arguing. Don’t be pissing off someone who actually supports you. If he feels like deleting “Israel” rather than dealing with a multitude of trolls, that’s his prerogative, isn’t it?

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