Imagine…There’s No Moral Inversion


The following comic based on the John Lennon song Imagine has just come to my attention – even though it was published in 2012.

See if you can find the part which has riled me up.


Yup, you guessed it.

israeli soldier imagine

The implication is clear: the conflict is between armed Israeli soldiers and innocent palestinian women (representing civilians).

But don’t tell that to Pablo. He thinks he painted a positive impression of Israeli soldiers!

I’ve been criticized for drawing an Israeli soldier with a Palestine woman as the bad guy. If you look closely, it’s the soldier who breaks the cycle; he is the good guy in this comic!

It is hard to imagine he actually believes that.

So no apology for the gross demonization of Israel there. But that is not to say Pablo is incapable of apologizing for his cartoons.

I recently made a very offensive post with Dora the explorer dressed as a muslim terrorist. I want to apologize for…

Posted by Pablo Stanley Art on Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Because G-d forbid he should offend Islamic terrorists!

At least that casts a light on his inverse reality.

I’d suggest Pablo gets a job with DC Comics and draws some Bizarro World for Superman.

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