J Street Columbia Falsely Accuses Mayor Nir Barkat of Incitement


You can’t make this stuff up.

Last night, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat gave a speech to a packed audience at Columbia University (probably double the attendance of the Breaking the Silence talk).

The speech went without much fanfare, compared to the Nazi salute Barkat was met with in San Francisco. The dissidents in the Columbia crowd silently carried gigantic banners that basically had blood libel scrawled all over them.

In his talk, Barkat spoke of building bridges, promoting business, equality between Jews and Arabs, and strengthening Jerusalem’s tech, culture, and tourism sectors.

Thats why I was shocked and appalled to see J Street Columbia’s post in response to Barkat’s talk, which was so far from the truth, I felt like they were listening to a completely different guy. If anyone here ever had any lingering suspicion that J Street was pro-Israel as they say they are, it will be erased by this post, which struck me as highly reminiscent of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), the Jewish pro-BDS collective.


This post left me wondering: has anyone here ever heard J Street actually defend Israel? I hear crickets.

Calling J Street “pro-Israel” is like believing a guy who tells his friend that his wife is fat, smelly, lazy, a horrible cook, a neglectful parent, a violent, abusive spouse, but he loves her sooooo much and wants to grow old with her. Would you seriously find the latter part convincing? Anyone listening to his spiel will think to themselves, “What is there to love?” The example I gave gives a good impression of the wife like J Street gives a good impression of Israel. J Street can tell people “but we do this because we love Israel!” all it wants, but nobody will find its proclamations convincing in the slightest because J Street never shows any love. If I didn’t know better, I would think J Street’s goal is to slander Israel and make it look bad, because that’s literally all I’ve ever seen it do. J Street is about as convincingly pro-Israel as I am the Queen of England.

Now, back to the Nir Barkat talk in question: How in the world could anyone find this talk “incitement”?

It looks like J Street is grasping at straws to try to make Israel look bad any way it can, because I see nothing of what they see in the video of the talk. I should know – I was there!

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