What Would Happen If They Won?

I was having a conversation with a native friend of mine who is very pro-Arab and pro-Muslim. Her position on this baffles me because she has acknowledged in private that she knows the Arabs are the White people of the Middle East and North Africa, that they are not indigenous to Israel or many other places. She has posted “Israel is apartheid” memes and other nonsense, and then taken them down when I explained it to her – but, without fail, will post something similar a few weeks later.

I think however today I may have gotten through to her with one simple argument. And it’s an argument that has a huge amount of proof behind it.

It’s simple. When choosing sides, if one ignores the moral and ethical considerations and chooses solely based on self-interest, which side should one choose?

Now if one is short-sighted, it is rather obvious that one would choose the Arabs. They have Arab oil money behind them, they have the “cool” leftists behind them and they have such amazing propaganda skills that they have convinced the world that an authoritarian anti-humanistic ideology, with so many adherents, is the underdog and that same ideology is not to blame for its tendency to subvert human rights and basic morality. To accomplish this is truly mind-blowing. To say nothing of the fact that if you piss the Arabs off, there is a significant chance they will try to kill you, and possibly post it on the internet. They do not have very good impulse control to say the least.

If one looks at the Jews, you see a group of people who cannot agree on anything, who spend immense amounts of money on salaries for managers for problems rather than solutions. Its mind-boggling, considering the staggering amount of brain power at their disposal.

Numerically, they are about 12 million worldwide. They have one tiny country in the middle of everything, and even in that country, they are constantly at war with a minority who is not really a minority. They cannot decide if they are a western European country or a Middle Eastern country. The history, archaeology, and genetics show very clearly that they are indigenous, yet they often act like colonizer/occupier going so far as to even act as though their ancestral heartland and sacred places are not important enough to actually stand up for. A truism in the world is that if you act as if something is unimportant to you, someone will try to take it. If you piss off the Jews, you will likely get a really strongly worded email. And that’s only if they can be bothered.

So given that sale pitch, it becomes rather obvious why people take the easy way out and simply support the Arabs. But let’s look at the likely outcome of such support, because while we have established that short-term it might feel good, what is the likely long-term effect?

Hanging_of_Mahmoud_Asgari_and_Ayaz_MarhoniIf the Arabs win: First, I hope you didn’t like those human rights you got so used to, because you won’t get to keep those. That whole equal rights for everyone thing? Not so much. If you are a woman, your rights are roughly equal to half that of a man. You won’t be able to leave the house without supervision and if you are lucky enough to get raped, you better hope there is a witness besides yourself or you will likely have insult to injury and be stoned – and not stoned in a good way. Are you gay? Don’t worry, as long as nobody finds out you should be fine. If they do, I hope you are OK with being thrown off a roof. That’s if they don’t hang you by a crane. Oh, you are a Christian? Cool story bro – as long as you pay your dhimmi taxes (roughly double) they will only ask that you NEVER TALK ABOUT YOUR RELIGION IN PUBLIC AGAIN or carry a bible in public. Upon pain of death by the way. If you are like me and are a “pagan” Indian who doesn’t follow the bible as your central holy text, don’t worry, you will be given the chance to convert to Islam before they kill you. It’s all good, though. They believe in human rights, just as long as they don’t contravene the Koran. If one needs proof of any of my assertions, one need only look at EVERY SINGLE MUSLIM MAJORITY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Find me one that isn’t rife with human rights abuses, where religious freedom or even basic human rights are respected. And this is the side that the so-called social justice warriors have chosen, the new left who are supposed to be all about human rights. Yet they are literally siding with the one ideology that would take them all away. They make no bones about their goal of regaining control of any land ever conquered by Muslims and establishing a caliphate, and then why stop there? They want the whole world to spread Islamic peace and love. Oh and before you tell me all about those Muslims who don’t agree with the majority view? I know more than a few and they will be killed too.

Now what would happen if the Jews won? What would happen if the Jews achieved their goals of peace and self-determination in their ancestral lands? You would be able to buy Kosher food at the supermarket. Full stop. That’s it. You are gay? Cool story bro, you want a sandwich? Wanna have a pride parade? Don’t care. Women want to do crazy things like vote and drive? Sure, have you seen how Jews drive and park in Israel? It can’t get worse by letting women do it too. And by the way, if you are a woman, you can have equal rights. Christians want to worship God and stuff? Cool just don’t force your proselytizing on anyone and it’s fine. Indians? You want to worship God and stuff in your own way? Cool, as long as you aren’t harming anyone, that’s fine too. Jews who don’t follow the majority view? That’s probably the majority – those people argue more than anyone i have ever seen. That’s probably why they don’t give a shit if you agree with them or not.

How do I know that this is right? Because I’ve been to Israel. They don’t give a shit about any of those things. They actually are pretty much the most human rights concerned people I have ever seen, to the point of sometimes harming their own human rights to advocate for others. Their traditions stem from arguing – they were so stubborn, they survived 3000 years of exiles. I am reasonably certain they wont get pissy-pants over some random guy disagreeing with them.

This is the most basic reason people need to smarten up. Short-term supporting the fundamentalist Muslims feels good – who knows, maybe the crocodile might even eat you last. I prefer to not feed him though.


Ryan Bellerose

A member of the indigenous Metis people, Ryan grew up in the far north of Alberta, Canada with no power nor running water. In his free time, Ryan plays Canadian Rules Football, reads books, does advocacy work for indigenous people and does not live in an Igloo.

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