Bonfire Of The Damned

“Maybe there is a beast… maybe it’s only us.”

― William Golding, Lord of the Flies

I’m Ready For My Close-Up Mr. Abdula

Two months before the bus bombing in Jerusalem, The Hamas Video and Entertainment Department, also known as Pallywood, created a music video calling for the Jihadists to bomb buses and roast Jewish flesh, singing jubilantly that this “would bring joy to their hearts and that the story of the Intifada will only be told when the roof of the bus goes flying.”

They were able to make good on these threats as a bus was indeed blown up in Jerusalemm wounding 20 Israeli civilians.

In order to keep the party of death going, the adherents of the cult of blood and gore, Hamas, held a celebration honoring the bus bombing even though, ironically, the only one who actually died was the bomber himself.  After an agonizing couple of days spent in an Israeli hospital, the bomber died of his own wounds having ghoulishly blown his legs off. Still these twisted savages see this as a celebratory moment.

According to Ynet News:

At demonstration with Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza Strip, thousands cheered the military wing of Hamas; ‘We emphasize with blood, fire and rifle that nobody has the right to stand before the intifada and its people.’

In a large Hamas rally on Thursday in the Gaza Strip attended by thousands of supporters, Ismail Haniyeh spoke, but a new display of hate attracted the most attention. Directly behind the speakers’ lectern was a green bus with the words “Number 12” on it—the same number of the bus blown up this week by a Hamas operative.

A picture of the Temple Mount figured in the background, and during the demonstration, an actor entered a cage where he portrayed a Palestinian detainee surrounded by Israeli soldiers. At the hate rally, at which armed members of Hamas’s military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, young women danced, and children watched attentively.

Gaza Bombed out Bus Party

Lights, Camera, Destruction….

Instead of building businesses, going to school and making a better life for themselves, they believe that re-creating the scene of their savage Jihad attack is a good use of their time. Marinating themselves in hate for the Jews appears to be an obsession.

The attention to detail at the macabre party of death is astonishing right down to the correct plate number on the bus. Using the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount as the backdrop, the message is quite clear: this is a battle for the very heart of Jerusalem, The Holiest Site in Judaism.  Who said this isn’t a religious war?


Leslie-Ann Stoffel

I'm a Pro-Israel, Freelance Journalist, Blogger, Photographer, Videographer & Social Media Addict. I spend my time between Canada and Israel. I work for United With Israel in social media, donations and community relations. No matter where I am, my heart is always in Israel.

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